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Corps Hockey


Touch Rugby 2017


" At this year's Touch Rugby competition most of the Referees came from with Norfolk and Suffolk Wing. We had to firstly attend a training session and then I attended our Squadron training sessions in order to gain more confidence and experience for the competition. On the day all the refs had a briefing and from there we were split into groups for each pitch so we could alternate who referred and who scored each game. This was a really good expereince for me and I gained a lot of confidence as well as seeing good sportsmanship ad play throughout the day. All of the teas did really well and we finished 4th which is amazing and the highest we have ever came."

Sergeant Jessica Sparkes

Cake and Plant Stall



21/04/2017 - 23/04/2017

"This was my second time doing the RAF WARMA Marches. Both years in which I did the marches were thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experiences, as well as being the most challenging (but completely rewarding) experiences I have ever had within the Air Training Corps. Out team had trained intensively for the past seven months; over this period, a bond developed between all the members, which ultimately leads to a high standaard of team cohesion, and makes the matches enjoyable for everyone involved. The staff and the rest of the team were always very supportive, making sure that everyone makes it to the final march past once the fifty miles were completed."

Sergeant Xavier Clarke

"After travelling down to DCAE RAF Cosford on the Friday night, I was nervous for my second RAF WARMA. After a long 7 months of training, we set of on Saturday morning, 40km of marching ahead of us. I knew that I had completed it before and was ready to go again. The feeling of relief that you get when you march past the dais on the last day, saluting the Regional Commandant of Wales and West is one of the best feeling the world. The immense feeling of pride that you get is amazing, and I would certainly encourage any cadet to go to WARMA. The feeling of teamwork that you get is second to none and completing it as a team made it so much more special."

Flight Sergeant Lawrence Aldren

"After 7 months of training we went do to RAF Cosford on the Friday night. On the bus there we were all excited and had a good laugh. Waking up early Saturday was a struggle but we all kitted u[ and were ready to go by 0600hours. After 40km of marching we were all very tired ad go to sleep surprisingly early for a cadet activity. On the Sunday we were the first team ti set off so we had to get up even earlier. When we finally got to the magic roundabout and we were 5km from the end. We were all filled with new energy, and when we crossed that finish line we were so relieved and proud. It was an amazing weekend and a great achievement. I would definitely do it again even with having to carry 10kg of dead weight in my bag too."

Sergeant Nicky Sparkes

Wing Field 2017

21/04/2017 - 23/04/2017

Every year we enter a team of 8 cadets from Beccles into the Annual Wing Field Weekend, this year held at West Tofts Camp, Stanta Battleground just outside Thetford. Lead by CWO Hannah Stokes, with SGT Jess Sparkes as her 2IC, CPLs Lewis Mathews, Alfie Goldspink, Tierney Bedwell and Cadets Anya Clarke, Edward Curtis and Jack Testoni

"I had an amazing time at this years Wing Field this year as IC of the Squadron team. Everyone helped eachother which was lovely to see and we had a really good weekend. Each member was picked for the different skills they had so that our team was fair and could do well at everything over the weekend. I was extremely proud of everyone and I am now looking forward to next year."

Cadet Warrant Officer Hannah Stokes.

"From the 21st to the 23rd April the Annual Wing Field Competition took place. I was on the team for the very first time and Ireally enjoyed the weekend overall. I personally feel that we all worked really well as a team for every event and all supported each other the whole time. It was evenly matched over the weekend with a different Squadron winning each of the different events."

Cadet Anya Clarke

"Wing Field is an important event with Air Cadets and the activities scores need to get back to the base to be added together for the overall total, this is done by using the Radio Team. There was the largest amount of cadets from various Squadrons doing radio this year, with a total of 21 cadets. The first night we had a double briefing and out into groups based on ability with using the radios and then told where we had to go in the morning. 

Most of the Radio Cadets had the chance to have a go at the activities on offer over the weekend to the teams as well. We went to a variety of activities and watched each Squadron from the Wing compete to win. The best part of the weekend for me was seeing the cadets at raft building and see the bonds between the cadets on each Squadron.

Wing Field is always an amazing weekend and it is for anyone to enjoy!"

Cadet Robyn Gooderham

"Being put on the radio team during Wing Field, was an excellent experience because it was a privilege to relay scores back on the radios and do something that I am very fond of. It has also allowed me to see the operations and running of the event. This has allowed me to get fist-hand experience of helping to educated the young, inexperienced cadets on the procedures to use radios in an outdoors environment. Which was good because I used my expertise to give prompts on how to lay out a message to be used as a guide by other cadets.  This help went on to a lot of them receiving their blue communication award where they will be allowed to communicate and operate at any cadet event in the future. This is an excellent activity to do at Wing Field because radio us the core if the RAF and understanding the basics of radio can help the cadets to progress up the levels potentially even up to the Gold Award in the foreseeable future."

Sergeant Natasha Kellend

Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Best Cadet


Inter-Region Senior Hockey Competition


After a hard Wing Competition successfully won by the Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Senior Girls Hockey Team, we were glad that many of the girls got picked to attend the next trials to be on the Regional Team. Cadet Warrant Officers Hannah Roberts, Hannah Stokes and Sergeant Jessica Sparkes all got picked to compete in the trials only a few weeks ago on the 19th March. Both Cadet Warrant Officers got picked to play for the Region Team at this years competition along with many other fellow members of the Wing.

Eagerly travelling down on the Friday night ready for the competition on the Saturday, the cadets for both the Hockey and the Football from all over the country were sorted into their accommodation for the night and awaited the next morning. 

As the Saturday went on all of the cadets from every Region played fantastically, with a good atmosphere and sportsmanship seen throughout the day. It was a closely contested day and the Central and East Region Team Captained again this year by Cadet Warrant Officer Roberts played well and hard for the win with their main rivals being South West Region. Overall it was an incredibly close competition with Central and East finishing 2nd in the Girls Hockey. 

Both CWOs played well on the day and showed what success the Squadron has throughout the Corps. 

As the day closed and Final Parade finished up, the team that would be representing the Corps and playing against the Veterans team at this years competition as read out. We are proud to say that CWO Roberts has been chosen to play for the Corps in May along with Corporal Holly Bradley from 1986 (Wymondham) Squadron. 

Well done to both CWOs who played and to those across the Region and the Country who competed in a well fought competition for both the Hockey and the Football. 



After awful circumstances and continuous moves from our local Flying Station, the Squadron finally have slots to send the cadets flying at Royal Air Force College Cranwell.

A long drive to get there five cadets eagerly traveled up to RAF Cranwell to have an afternoon flying and experiencing more of what the Air Cadets have to offer. Assisted by CI Bob Ward the cadets each got a lengthy flight in a Grob Tutor, two seater air craft. Everyone came back with positive remarks not only about the flying, but also how welcoming the Air Experience Flight team were and how well managed and looked after everything was there. 

Here's what one of the cadets had to say about this new experience:

"I went flying for the first time and it was a great experience. I spent 30minutes in the air with an RAF Officer. The views were stunning and being able to control the plane was awesome. The best part was all I had to pay for was my lunch for the day. Yet again, another amazing thing the ATC has to offer and I would definitely go again and recommend it to other cadets. 

Cadet Jack Testoni.

A fantastic opportunity for all who managed to go and fly.

We look forward to sending more cadets in the future to experienceany form of Air Experience Flying that the Air Training Corps has to offer. 

Inter-Region Cross Country


After years of fantastic performance and the two previous cadet completions this year, we knew what great sporting success Cadet Sergeant Jessica Sparkes would have in this sporting season.

Running for Bungay Black Dog Running Club as well as coaching and training for the club on top of college and cadets, we know her levels of dedication to her sport. Already seeing what she could do at the earlier competitions for Cross Country we knew she would compete well, and she exceeded in making the Squadron proud of everything she has achieved. Competing as a part of Central and East Region again this year in the Corps cross country, she was running against not only cadets from all over the country but also very top level running clubs. She slotted in and run well for not only the Region but as a representation from the Wing and the Squadron in such a high level of sport.

She had this to say about her experiences:

"This year was again an amazing experience racing against lots of very talented runners. I was lucky enough to be able to race again for Central and East Region against the five other Regions in the country. I was the first female to finish for the Region in the Senior Girls race which was amazing. The entire day had a really good atmosphere and it was a really enjoyable race."

Sergeant Jessica Sparkes.

Congratulations to her and everyone who competed. We know we will see more great achievements from all of the cadets in the years to come and the quickly approaching Athletics section of the season. 

Swimming Proficiency Completion


Another successful day for the Squadron.

With the guidance and assistance from Warrant Officer Ben Banham and CI Jo Banham more cadets were able to complete a very important part of the cadet experience. These proficiency's range from Basic through to Intermediate level and on to the Advanced in which each criteria to pass is different and gradually harder and more challenging. 

Successfully we had a number of Cadets pass their basic swimming proficiency which enables them to do more activities within the Air Cadet Organisation such as our Annual Wing Swim, Raft Building, Kayaking and Canoeing. All of which we offer to the cadets. On top of this Sergeant Xavier Clarke completed his Intermediate proficiency which is the next level up. 

Well done to all those who completed their proficiency's and thank you to the Staff and Senior Cadets who assisted with their success.

Inter-Wing Cross Country


"Myself, Sgt Sparkes and Cadet Spencer travelled to RAF Cranwell to participate in the Inter-Wing Cross Country. We traveled up on the Friday night ready to race Saturday morning. I was in the Junior Girls category and was fith in my race which meant I am the first reserve for the Inter-Region race being held in a could of weeks, as its the top four runners who go through to represent the Region. As there was heavy rain, males ad females started their race at the same time in their age categories so that everyone could finish sooner and get inside. Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Junior Girls came third overall in the Region, which we were all very please with, considering the weather conditions on the day"

Cadet Anya Clarke

First Aid Course


At the weekend, 8 cadets from the Squadron completed their Youth First Aid Course at the Squadron. Instructed by CI Tom Willis, CI Jo Banham, WO Ben Banham and helped by SGT Sharon Denson from Leiston Squadron they completed the intense weekend course with ease which included topics such as fractures, breaks and sprains, stings, burns and scolds. 

Well done to those who completed the course and to those cadets and who gave up their weekend to assist the cadets in passing. All the Squadron is now currently up to date with both Heart Start and First Aid Courses. 

Senior Girls Inter-Wing Hockey Competition


Another successful event for both the Squadron and the Wing at this years Inter- Wing Hockey Competition at Royal Air Force College Cranwell. 

CWO's Hannah Stokes, Hannah Roberts and SGT Jessica Sparkes all got picked for the team earlier in the year at the Wing Trials at Thurston Community College. CWO Roberts was fortunate enough to be picked again to be the captain of the team and bring Norfolk and Suffolk Wing a victory for the girls bringing home the trophy. 

All three of them have been picked to partake in the Region Trials in a couple of weeks and we wish them all the best of luck. 

Lord Lieutenants Cadet for Suffolk


On Tuesday 21st February CWO Hannah Roberts travelled to Ipswich Army Reserve Center to receive her Lord Lieutenants Cadet award. On arrival she was delighted to find out that the Sea Cadet was also from Beccles, Royal Marine Cadet Corporal James Horton and the Army Cadet was from Lowestoft, Sergeant Harry Pickess.

It was a special day not only for CWO Roberts but for all three of the North Suffolk Cadets from their respective Cadet Forces who were presented with a Framed Certificate and a gold embroidered badge from Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, Lady Euston. The award recognises the hard work and dedication Hannah has not only put into the last year but her whole time in the Air Training Corps, not only doing and running activities for herself, but for her Squadron, fellow cadets, and the Wing. Helping and aiding where she can regardless of the task at hand. Cadet Warrant Officer Hannah Roberts was overcome by this achievement and had this to say:

"What a fantastic opportunity this is to be the Lord Lieutenants Cadet of Suffolk for the next year, taking over from Cadet Warrant Officer Matt Osborn from Bury St Edmunds Sqn has been a privilege as I know he did a fantastic job last year in helping the Lord Lieutenant. It came as a huge surprise as I received the congratulating phone call from Wing Commander David Miller MBE during the weeks leading up to the presentation. After being Beccles Town Mayoral Cadet for the past nine months, I will take forward all my experiences I have learnt from my current role in supporting the Mayor on board as I go on to assist the Lord Lieutenant in her events. All three of us have done exceptionally well to have achieved this and I look forward to the year ahead with them."

We were also pleased to find out that Flt Lt Paula Houghton, Officer Commanding Stomarket Squadron, received the prestigious award of Cadet Meritorious Service for her services to not only Stowmarket Squadron but the Wing over the years, congratulations to her too, another fantastic achievement.

A huge well done to everyone who achieved awards today, its a fantastic achievement and honour all found. We wish Hannah the best of luck for the next year of service with the Lord Lieutenant, and we hope she can give us regular updates on all she is doing. 



759 would like to welcome two new members to our team here. 

Firstly, we would like to welcome Cadet Sergeant Natasha Kelland who has transferred to us from 308 (Colchester) Squadron as in the summer she will be starting her studies at The University of East Anglia in Norwich. Moving into the area early we are glad she could transfer now. With extensive Radio and Communication knowledge and a good progress in DofE having completed Silver and looking to go to Gold. These are just a touch of what she's done during her time at Colchester Squadron. We hope she can settle in well to the Squadron as the newest member of 759.

Also, we have a new Civilian Instructor joining the team too. Matt Loch has decided to become a CI in the ATC after leaving the Army and we are pleased he chose Beccles. He is very enthusiastic and motivated (also an ex-air cadet), with a strong passion for Adventure Training and Field Craft. Looking at the possibility of going into Uniformed Staff we hope we can help and guide him through his first few weeks here. 

A huge welcome to the both of them. Here at Beccles we are always happy to welcome new cadets and staff to our Sqn. Any questions or inquiries, please contact us through the button below:

Squadron Dinner to end the 75th Anniversary Year of the ATC


What a Night we had filled with laughter and glamour, Promotions, Grand Draw and Sports Funding...

For months CI Chloe Smithson has been tirelessly working towards this one night along with Flying Officer Martin Dobson...

And what a night it was! 

All day some of the Squadron staff spent at Carlton Manor helping set up for our first Dinner for 8years. Most Squadrons have one every year, but after the Kings Head (now Weatherspoons) closed we've been struggling with a venue to hold one. But this year, as a Squadron we decided to hold one to celebrate the end of the 75th Anniversary year of the Air Training Corps. 

The staff at Carlton Manor were so helpful and understand with how Annual Dinners work and run. All night they worked tirelessly to ensure everything went to plan and the food was of a high standard. 

As people trickled in the staff, cadets and distinguished guests found there seats and awaited the first course. As the night went on the food was delicious, the atmosphere was full of conversation, laughter and enjoyment. Nearing the end of the meal, speeches were eagerly awaited. First Flying Officer Marin Dobson got up to speak, saying what a fantastic year it had been and all the ways we have both celebrated the 75th Anniversary Year and all that the cadets and Squadron had achieved. He showed his pride for the cadets at Beccles and all they do for themselves, the Squadron and the Wing. Next was the speech from Wing Commander David Miller MBE, reiterating what Flg Off Dobson had already said about the year and what was to come soon. 

In the speeches it was mentioned that we were able to get all the surviving Officers in charge of 759 (Beccles) Squadron to the dinner. David Miller, Chris Wheldon, Darren Flitton, Jo Gruchey and the current Commanding Officer Martin Dobson. This was fantastic for the five of them to share on memories and get even a little bit emotional and nostalgic over the though. On top of this we had our new and current Wing Staff Officer there, Squadron Leader Jason Allen, as well as the last two the Squadron has had: Squadron Leader Neil Ovendon (now Regional Staff) and ex Squadron Leaader Ian Ward. Another fantastic sight to see.

From here, the Mayor of Beccles, Graham Catchpole stood up to speak. Firstly he thanked his Mayors Cadet for the year, Cadet Warrant Officer Hannah Roberts for all her support for the year and then he thanked the Squadron for helping the both of them reach their goals of the year and achieve great things from this experience. From here, the Squadron was presented a cheque from Beccles Town Council for this years Mayors Sports Appeal. We have been given money to support us in buying tracksuits for the Squadron to wear at porting events. 

Onward through the evening and we came to the eagerly awaited promotions that all the cadets had been enthusiastic to know about. For these promotions it had been a tough decision to know who to promote, eagerly contested and the quality of each cadet was second to none. But decisions had to be made. The promotions on the night were:

  • From Flight Sergeant to Cadet Warrant Officer: CWO Hannah Stokes
  • From Sergeant to Flight Sergeant: Flt Sgt Lawrence Aldren
  • From Corporal to Sergeant: SGT Xavier Clarke, SGT Nicky Sparkes and SGT Jessica Sparkes
  • From Cadet to Corporal: CPL Lewis Mathews, CPL Alfie Goldspink, CPL Tierney Bedwell and CPL Shannon Pull

A huge congratulations to all those cadets promoted, you have all worked exceptional hard and achieved highly and are all deserving of the ranks you have received. 

From the meal and the speeches we moved on to the disco of the night. The lights went down and the cadets hit the dance floor and the party of the night had started.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable night for everyone who attended. 

Christmas Party


Every year the Squadron has a Christmas Party to celebrate all of the cadets achievements for the year and reward them for their hard work. As a part of the Christmas party we have a competition, it changes every year. In the past we have had super hero costumes and silly hates. This year it was Christmas Jumpers, the cadets had to come in wearing the best, most decorated, unique and different jumper they could get their hands on, either buying or making them. This year our winner was: 

We start the evening off with funny party games such as; musical chairs, musical statues, pass the parcel and more and if a cadet wins their game, they win a prize.

After this we have a short quiz with a variety of rounds from general knowledge to movies and Christmas themed. 

Welcome Home


We would like to welcome home CPL Jim MacNab and Oli Bear Mascot back to the Squadron after 4 months in the Falkland Islands. Over there time in the Falklands they did many things:

  • Saw the penguins
  • Visits various sections on the Station
  • Oli gained work experienced in the Armoury
  • Explored the cultural heritage of the island
  • He experienced flying in the Airbus A330
  • Visited the Ascension Island
  • Brought home a Plaque for the Sqn from their visit.

We are very pleased to have them both back on the Squadron and we are glad they had an enjoyable visit and obviously worked very hard while the CPL was on his tour. 

Inter-Region Junior Hockey and Football


2 Cadets from Beccles were chosen to go and represent Central and East Region at our Annual Junior Hockey and Football Competitions. Cdt Anya Clarke got picked to go and play for the Junior Girls Hockey team and Cdt Sinead Butcher got picked as a Non-Travelling Reserve, but unfortunately never got called up. Cdt Alfie Goldspink got picked to go and play for the Junior Boys Football Team, and Cdt Lewis Mathews would have probably got through as well if he hadn't have broken his collar bone in the previous Wing Competition.

"On Saturday the 19th of November, sixteen cadets from Central and East region took part in the junior boys inter-region football competition.  Seven of those cadets came from Norfolk and Suffolk Wing.

 The competition included traveling up to RAF Cranwell, where it was hosted, on the Friday night and sleeping over in the accommodation provided.  We had to share a room with another cadet from our Region in rooms of two and march up to breakfast in the morning.  Come 09:00 hrs, all six teams from across the Nation, including Wales and west region, Northern Ireland and Scotland, North of England, South West of England, London and South East, and ourselves, we were ready for kick-off.  

 There were three teams in two groups and there would then be a first placed play off match, third place match and fifth place match to determine the medals and positions of each team.  The games were 15 minutes a half and it became clear that when we started playing, luck was not on our side as we dominated our first game against south-west only to come away with a goal-less draw.  We were then on next against London and we could all tell it was not going to be an easy game, we had our chances but were mainly on the back foot, resulting in a 1-0 defeat.  Thankfully we were given the chance to play in the third place match and took it well, beating Scotland and Northern Ireland 1-0 to clinch a prestigious bronze medal.

 Overall, It was a very rewarding and exciting two days which resulted in me making new friends and achieving great things.  I would definitely encourage more cadets to go for the trials in the future because you never know how far you'll go."

Cadet Alfie Goldspink

"After a cooked breakfast we headed over to the hockey pitches and started our warm ups. The first match was delayed and we had to play on half the pitch shooting width ways because the other half was in the shade and was still frozen so it was agreed on that it would be too dangerous to play on. In Central and East Regions first match we drew 1-1. One of our players got injured and had to be taken to a&e in this first match too. This meant that we only had two subs for the rest of the competition. After a few matches it was decided that we could play full pitch again because it had thawed out enough not to be dangerous. We played a few more matches and drew all but two which we lost but only by one goal in each of these both times. Out of 6 teams we were fifth and had some really strong competition but we all put as much as we could into this and are all proud of the whole team and efforts.

This being my first year in the ATC and in the hockey team I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I look forward to trying out for the team next year."  
Cadet Anya Clarke

Well done to both of these cadets, an amazing effort for such young cadets. Anya had now been in the Corps about 8-10months and this is now how 3rd Regional Representation, something incredible and she should be extremely proud of herself. We can see some amazing sporting achievement coming for Beccles this season!



On Friday 18th November, Hannah Roberts was Promoted from Flight Sergeant to Cadet Warrant Officer by Flying Officer Martin Dobson, Acting Officer Commanding 759 (Beccles) Squadron. This is the highest Rank you can achieve in the Air Training Corps, and is a very rare one too, especially at such a young age. Each Wing are given a limited number of places for CWO and we are glad Hannah was lucky enough to receive one. 

After an Interview with Wing Commander David Miller MBE, Officer Commanding Norfolk and Suffolk Wing on the 9th September, which was originally supposed to be with our previous Wing Sector Officer - Squadron Leader Neil Ovenden. But unfortunately was cancelled due to now being Officer Commanding Regional Small Arms Training Team, he was whisked away on a shooting weekend and would not be able to do it.  Sircame in that Friday evening and completed Hannah's interview, which she passed with flying colours and only had to wait for her paperwork to be passed after her Birthday in late October. All the Wing Commander said to her was "I didn't really need to do the interview, but protocal said I had to due to regulations. If it was up to me I wouldn't have bothered, I know you too well now!" 

We are very proud of her, and all she has done in her Air Cadet Career so far in the 5years she's been in. She plans to stay until she ages out at 20 in October 2018. We wish her the best of luck for the next two years and hope to see more of her fantastic achievements along the way. 

More informations about Rank and the Rank Structure;please visit our information page on the website, to see what you can do to work towards achieving higher in the Air Training Corps. 

Remembrance Parade 2016


Remembrance Sunday, the Squadrons most important day of the year! On this day we joined together as a Squadron with the other Cadet Corps, youth groups, veterans and members of  the public to remember the men of Beccles and surrounding communities as well as the men of the country who fought, fell and some are lost to The Great War. 

The Squadron, as always, looking smart and proud marching up from the Squadron to the Memorial for the two minutes silence and act of remembrance along with the wreath laying. The Squad, let by the Standard being carried by Sgt Aldren and Escorted by Cpl's Clarke and Sparkes N, then Flying Officer Dodson and our two officer guests - Wing Commander Miller and Flight Lieutenant Darren Flitton  (ex Officer Commanding 759 Beccles Squadron) who come every year to help celebrate this act of remembrance with us. Along with being joined by Sgt Jade Roberts, one of our Ex Cadet Warrant Officers who is currently at 221 (Great Yarmouth) Squadron. At the memorial Cpl Sparkes J laid the wreath for the Squadron, she was chosen due to the fact that she was awarded the Cadet of the Year Trophy at our Presentation Evening in late September. Everyone did a fantastic job, looking smart and proud.

From here we marched round to St Michael's Church and have a service in which Rev Canon Ron Tuc gave the Sermon. But the Squadron was missing Flight Sergeant Roberts... This is because instead of marching with the Squad this year she was assisting the Mayor Graham Catchpole and carrying out more her Mayoral Duties. It was nice of her to experience the parade from a different view and watch the cadets as they marched past the Town Hall at the end part of the afternoon.

Well done to everyone who went, you looked smart and you made the staff and parents very proud!

Inter-Wing Senior Netball Competition


On Sunday 6th November, Flt Sgt Hannah Roberts went to compete in the Inter-Wing Netball Competition at RAF Wyton. With an early start and an unfortunate loss of Cpl Jessica Sparkes, who had to drop out due to having a Nation Running Course that weekend which would give her Recognised Qualifications throughout the country, which we wish her good luck for! We plowed ahead having filled the missing place and a full team going. Netball has never been the strong sport for Norfolk and Suffolk and with this being Flt Sgt's 10th representation for Netball in the Wing, she knew this all too well. Still optimistic they went and the team played fantastically, one of the best netball teams we have seen for a long time.

The girls came fifth overall in the Competition and Hannah getting picked as a Non-Travelling Reserve for the Inter-Region Competition. We hope it goes well for her if she does get called up to play.

Amport House

28/10/2016 - 30/10/2016

Corporal Jessica Sparkes endured on the long journey across London to Amport House to do the Personal Awareness Course. Amport House Chaplaincy Center is for the center for the Armed Forces Chaplin's. Whatever the time of year, the house and magnificent park and gardens offer a peaceful setting for the work that takes place at the AFCC. The Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center is able to offer a wide variety of residential courses. Besides supporting the Service Chaplains, the Center offers many courses to those who are interested in developing their ability to work with people in the Service community.The courses are aimed at enhancing both personal skills and the skills required in the pastoral care of Service personnel and their families. This site gives details of the courses and an application form which can be downloaded and completed.   As a Chaplaincy Center, Amport House can offer a unique atmosphere where people of any rank and background can work, dine, learn and relax together in a private and secure location. The Chapel offers a further place of peace and tranquility around which the community centers its spiritual life.   Where capacity exists in the programme, space is given to organizations that have spiritual, moral or welfare roles within the Service community, so that its unique atmosphere can be offered to as many service people and their dependents as possible.   We hope you will be able to find something that will be of benefit to you and that will both support and enhance your work.

"This year I went to Amport House which is a fantastic property that is the mod chaplaincy centre, whilst at amport we did different tasks that made you think about you as a person and how other people perceive you as well as what we feel us appropriate to say to others or in the period others as we have freedom of speech and we had debates regarding different complicated issues. I was only with the people for a weekend but everyone was so nice and we all got along so well I would recommend going to Amport to anyone as it is an amazing experience."

Corporal Jessica Sparkes

Flying Officer Dobson is planning to go in the New Year on the course,as Jess is the third person from the course who has been and enjoyed it thoroughly. It is an amazing experience for whoever gets the opportunity. 

Norfolk and Suffolk Wing World War I, France and Belgium BattleFields Trip

24/10/2016 - 27/10/2016

At 0345 on Monday the 24th October Flight Sergeants Hannah Stokes and Hannah Roberts, along with CI Jo Banham, boarded the coach from Wing HeadQuarters for their long journey to France. Run by Rev Canon Ron Tuc (our Region and Wing Padre) and along with 40 other cadets and staff from Norfolk and Suffolk Wing, a good four days was anticipated from everyone who attended. The Flt Sgts, having been before three years ago, knew what to expect but were eager to go and seethe BattleFields and the Memorials in a different light years on. Here is how their four days went:

Day 1:

"After a 5 hour drive down to Folkestone and the Eurotunnel we boarded and were on our way to Vimy Ridge (Parc Memorial Canadien), where we arrived in the early afternoon. Vimy Ridge Memorial is a memorial to all Canadian men who served their country during the Great Was. 60'000 Canadians were killed in the was and over 11'000 of those died in France, but have no known grave. The memorial bears the inscribed names of 11'168 missing Canadian men, who were killed in action in France, but whose remains have never been found or identified. The monument itself is phenomenal, one of the biggest of its time. It holds a special place in both the Canadians and the French hearts and the two pillars represent this unity. Its breathless marble frontage is truly mesmerising. 

We were unfortunate with the weather with it being foggy, gloomy and miserable. With it being sunshine and clear skies last time we went on the trip, this different weather system gives us a different experience and thoughts about what it was like for the men of the Great War. You couldn't do anything but walk around slowly mesmerized by every part of this fascinating memorial. 

We left Vimy Ridge heading for the arrival at where we would be staying for the week: Le Chateau d'Ebblinghem. We arrived at the Chateau in the early evening where we got given our rooms, ate and go chance to get our uniform ready for the parade the next evening. 

Day 2:

0730 breakfast of croissants and cereal to start off the day. We left after this and headed of on route to our first visit of the day which was Thiepval Woods, Memorial and Ulster Tower. On the way we stopped off at a British Cemetery called Ancre British Cemetery. Designed by Noel Ackroyd Rew, who served with the Royal Engineers during the war, and Sir Reginald Blomfield. It is now the final resting place of over 2'500 servicemen of the First World War including one soldier of the German Army. Over 1'300 of those buried here remain unidentified. I walked along the first row of the cemetery and counted 81 unmarked graves of those buried who remain unknown. It's hard to imagine that! Over 1'150 men of the 63rd Royal Naval Division who fought to hold this ground from the German were killed here between 13-15 November 916. Over 550 are buried here, close to where they fell. Many more have no known grave and their names are inscribed on Thiepval Memorial. 

From here we went on to visit Ulster Tower and Thiepval Woods. Ulster Tower is a memorial to the 36th Ulster Division and to other men of Ulster who served in the Great War. Then a guide took us round Thiepval Woods which is where one of the last remaining World War One Trenches are shown, so you can see just what they are like. On the way we walked past another cemetery: Connaught Cemetery. 12'060 men are buried here, half are unidentified. This is not their original place of burial, they were moved from no man's land and the area of the trenches to here, so there was no thought of identification.  Once we arrived at the wood he gaves us a tour around all of the trenches here giving us stories and told us about what happened here all those years ago. 

From here we headed off to Thiepval Memorial and Visitors Centre to the Missing. The Thiepval memorial was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. It was built in red brick and limestone between 1928 and 1932. The memorial is located on a high ridge of ground and the top of the memorial can be clearly seen from various points of high ground in the centre and northern sectors of the 1916 Somme battlefields. 73'000 those who died in battle of the Somme and have no known grave have their names inscribed on the walls of Thiepval Memorial. 

Again if you want to know more about Thiepval please click the link below:

From here we went to Newfoundland Park. Newfoundland Memorial Park is a site on the Somme battlefield near to Beaumont Hamel. The land was purchased by the Dominion of Newfoundland after the First World War. It was named after the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, which had provided one battalion of 800 men to serve with the British and Commonwealth Armies. It's tragic part in the action of 1 July 1916 is remembered through this memorial park. The site is also a memorial to all the Newfoundlanders who fought in the First World War, most particularly those who have no known grave. It was incredible to see what was left of the trench systems and how well it had been preserved. 

After here we headed to Ypres for the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate. Prior to this we visited Leonidas Chocolate Shop and had dinner at Den Anker Restaurant. We got changed on the bus in to our No1 Wedgewood Blues ready for the parade. I (Flt Sgt Roberts) was lucky enough to be asked by Rev Tuc to lay our wreath of remembrance at the Menin Gates.  This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. It was an emotional and mesmerizing, but slightly daunting opportunity to have and I am so thankful I was chosen to do so.

After the parade we headed back in Le Chateau to get ready for the next day. 

Day 3:

Breakfast was again at 0730 and from here we headed off to Sheffield Memorial Park. On the way we stopped at a Cemetery and a Memorial. Firstly we stopped at Le Touret Military Cemetery which commemorates almost 13'400 British Soldiers killed in this section of the Western Front from the beginning of October 1914 to the end of the Battle of the Somme in late September 1915 who have no known grave. Designed by John Reginald Truelove, who served as an officer with the London Regiment during the war. Over 900 Commonwealth Servicemen who were killed during the First World War are buried here and most of these fought in the Battle of Aubergh in 1915. After this we went to Neuve Chapelle Memorial which commemorates over 4'700 soldiers and labourers of the Indian Army who lost their lives on the Western Front during the First World War and have no known graves. Constructed on the grounds of where the Indians fought during the Battle of Neuve Chapelle in 1915, it also marks the exploits of the Indian Army throughout the Western Front. 

From here we then went on to Sheffield Memorial where we did the re enactment. Sheffield Memorial is dedicated to the Memory of the Accrington Pals, so many of whom fell there during the attacks on 1st July 1916 in the opening phases of the Battle Of The Somme. We were each given a card by our tour guide Simon, this was who we would be during the re enactment. As we move up the field in a line as they would have done in the War, Sqn Ldr Green read out names one by one of those killed off. By the end there were about 6 of the 28 cadets whose names were not called out who survived this battle. This hit home to all the cadets, but especially me. I couldn't hold the emotions in. The mist and the gloom of the day made it feel even more real and all the cadets were speechless from this. 

We went from the Memorial to The Lochnagar Mine Crater - 'Le Grande Mine' which is where we were told about the introductions of mining in the war. At this site in La Boisselle 60'00 pounds of explosives were used. It is the biggest crater left from the war.  Here we had Sebastian Faulks 'Birdsong' poem read to us here as it was close to here where he wrote the poem. 

Devonshire Cemetery was our next stop. The cemetery was begun on 1st July 1916 by men of the 8th and 9th Battalions of the Devonshire Regiment, who buried their fallen comrades here. It is now the final resting place of over 160 servicemen, of whom 10 remain unidentified. It was designed by William Harrison Cowlishaw, who served with the London Ambulance Brigade of the Red Cross during the war. From here we went on to Guillemont Road Cemetery. This location was first used as a cemetery in late September 1916 by Field Ambulance units and men of the Guards Division, to bury their comrades who fell in the fighting north-east of Guillemot. The cemetery was closed in March 1917, when it contained 121 marked graves, but was greatly expanded after the Armistice, when graves from smaller cemeteries were moved here. It is now the final resting place for 2'260 servicemen of whom over 1'520 are unknown. 

From here we returned to Le Chateau and rested ready for the last day and the journey home. 

Day 4:

Our first stop on our final day here in France and Belgium was the South African (Delville Wood) National Memorial. It is the only memorial dedicated to the participation of the South African Forces on the 1914-1918 Western Front. 229,000 officers and men served with the South African Forces in the Great War. Their casualties who died in action or who died of wounds numbered approximately 10,000. All those who died in the service of the Union of South Africa are named in a book held at the Delville Wood Museum next to the memorial. This memorial does not bear the inscribed names of South Africans missing in action on the Western Front. The names of the missing South Africans are included on memorials to the missing of the United Kingdom. In the Archway that leads to the visitors centre it says "Their ideal is our legacy. Their sacrifice our inspiration". Round the back of the memorial and visitors centre is placing of The Last Tree. This Hornbeam is the only original tree of the battles of 1916. An incredible tree outset from the rest and warded off so no one can get too close. 

We then went on to Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery which was the home of Remy Siding - a major hospital site in the Ypres Salient. Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery is the resting place of 10,755 casualties of the First World War. It is the second largest British and Commonwealth cemetery in Belgium. Thirty nationalities are represented in this cemetery where approximately 90 RAF personnel are buried. As we stood by the grav on Nellie Spindler, a Staff Nurse in the War we heard her story. Nellie Spindler was a member of Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service. In August 1917, during the first three weeks of the Third Battle of Ypres she was serving as a nurse with 44th Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) at Brandhoek, five kilometres east of Poperingh. She is one of the only females buried in these cemeteries as she died during service, when she was kit by German Artillery that went of course. While we were here we heard the poem "Testament of Youth' by Vera Brittain and heard the way it affect the lives of families back home. 

Essex Farm Cemetery was our next stop, where Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae was serving as a military surgeon he wrote on of the most enduring poems of the First World War: 'In Flanders Fields'.1'185 military begraven here and it commemorates the fallen men from Belgium, France, Canada and the UK. Only 100 or so are unidentified as this irregularly arranged cemetery is the original and final resting ground for the men who feel here. Others go more in afterwards, but many of the graves found here were buried here during the duration of the First World War. 

From Essex Farm Cemetery we went on to another Canadian Memorial - St Julien Canadian Memorial at Vancouver Corner - "The Brooding Soldier". The commemorates the Canadian Soldiers that prevented the Germans from Capturing Ypres on the 22nd April 1915 and is also the place of the first gas attack from the Germans seen in the War. 

On the way to our final stop - Tyne Cot Cemetery we stopped at the Langemark german Military Cemetery. The origins of this military cemetery began with a small group of German graves in 1915. Between 1916 and 1918 the burials at Langemark were increased by order of the German military directorate in Ghent. During the war the village was known by the spelling of Langemarck. In later times the “c” in the name was dropped. 

Tyne Cot Cemetery, the resting place of nearly 12'000 commonwealth servicemen, more than 8'300 of whom remain unidentified. The eastern boundary of cemetery stands the memorial bearing the names of some 35'00 mean of UK and New Zealand who have no known identified grave. There are 4 Victoria Cross Winners, 3 of which are buried here with headstones and the other has their name inscripted on the wall. This is the largest number of burials contained in any Commonwealth cemetery of either the First or Second World War. It is the largest Commonwealth military cemetery in the world. The dates of death of the soldiers buried at Tyne Cot cemetery cover a period of four years, from October 1914 to September 1918 inclusive. We stopped at the Cross of Sacrifice where poems were read, three were written for this, one by Ma'am Jupe, another by CI Banham and the final by myself. All moving in their own way and it was good to hear what the trips experience had on our creativity. 

At the beginning of the trip we were all given a wooden remembrance cross to be placed where we wished. I saved mine until our visit to Tyne Cot because I knew this was where I wanted to leave it. I left my cross on 'A Soldier of the Great War - East Lancashire Regiment' inscribed on it where a few lines of the poem i wrote - 'Spirits brave, but here you lay in a hero's grave' and 'your sacrifice is our inspiration'.

Tyne Cot Cemetery finished off our trip and from here we headed on the long journey back home. For me it was an amazing, emotions, mesmerizing, once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience that I will remember forever! I hope to go again in the future outside of cadets to be able to visit as many of the memorials and cemeteries as I can."

Flight Sergeant Hannah Roberts.

To see all the Photos from the trip click the button below: 

Ollie Meets the Penguins!


12 days into his trip and Ollie has already met the Penguins of the Falklands! Having Selfies and fun in the snow already! Both Ollie and Cpl McNab had an enjoyable day out seeing the penguins, interesting animals to say the least.
We hope he has many more opportunities like this in the months to come while he is away! 
Enjoy the rest of your stay Ollie!
We'll keep you updated on his adventures as best we can.

Central and East Region 75th Anniversary Parade


The Squadron were lucky enough to get 9 cadet places to go and be a part of the Regional Parade held in Lincoln. Over 500 cadets and staff from all over Central and East Region attended the event and as a Wing we took 3 coaches full of cadets and staff. It was a fantastic day to finish off the main celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of the Air Training Corps. This is probably the biggest Parade any of Cadets will attend and is another one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. Flight Sergeant Roberts was lucky enough to be asked by the Wing Commander if she could do a reading in the Cathedral with one Cadet from each of the other Wings. What a fantastic and daunting opportunity that she took in her stride. 

"On Sunday 16th October we had our regional parade in Lincoln for the 75th anniversary of the Air Training Corps. Both Flight Sergeant Roberts and Flight Sergeant Stokes attended this along with Sergeant Aldren, Corporal Clarke and Cadets including Pull, Bedwell, Gooderham, Spencer and Clarke A. It was great to be able to get so many of us from Beccles squadron to this event.

We had to travel up to RAF Scampton in our civies on a coach, the journey up there took roughly four hours and when we got to Scampton we met up with the rest of central and east region. After quite a wait we got changed into our number one uniform ready for the parade later in the afternoon. There was around four-hundred cadets there and after changing we then got onto coaches that took us into Lincoln town center. We  attended a service at the Cathedral where we payed respects to the military service personnel. After this service we then took part in a march past round the main streets of Lincoln that were closed off for us. This was quite a long march but thanks to the sunny weather it was enjoyable.

It was a long day which started out very rainy and well all thought the whole day was going to be like it but it cleared out and we got some sun in the end for the parade despite the cold."

Cadet Anya Clarke

"The regional parade in Lincolnshire was an amazing opportunity and as members of the ATC, it was a privilege to be part of it. There were many cadets there to represent Central and East Region, which was fantastic to see as it showed that the ATC is encouraged, and continuously growing. I was particularly proud to be a member as we paraded through the town and could show the community how proud we all were to be included in this event."

Flight Sergeant Hannah Stokes

We are glad that those who attended had a fantastic day and one that they wont forget anytime soon. Well done and we hope that this will encourage other cadets to take part in Parades and possibly other activities that are outside of their comfort zone.

Inter-Wing Sports Competitions


We had a fantastic turn out from our Junior cadets this year for the sports competitions with five girls being selected for the Hockey team, but unfortunatly only 3 of them could attend. Also, two boys; Cdt Alfie Goldspink and Cdt Lewis Mathews went and played for the Wing Football team, both of whom got selected for Regional Trials. Unfortunately, Lewis broke his Collar bone and had to be taken to hospital on the way home and was unable to attend the trials, but we are sure that if this accident would not have happened he would have been able to play for Central and East Region team alongside Alfie and the other 5 males for Norfolk and Suffolk that got selected. 

"This year there were four cadets from Beccles squadron that attended Wing training ready for the competition on the 9th October, they were Butcher, Pull and myself. Norfolk and Suffolk Wing, which we are a part of, did not have enough players for a full team but we were praised for our efforts throughout the day.

After the Wing competition we had trials to get onto the Central and East region team that Butcher and I got selected for and attended. The day started quite early and it certainly wasn't warm. After a while of drills and mini games as a warm up and so our strengths and weaknesses were shown the coaches and staff had decided on a team that Clarke A made it onto and Butcher as a non-travelling reserve. Once the team was selected we practiced our short corners and other parts of our defense skills."

Cadet Anya Clarke

Well done to everyone who attended, got picked for Region and have done a fantastic job at representing the Squadron and the Region. The squadron is proud of you all! Too see more about what sports are on offer and what you can achieve in sports either visit the link to the Sports Page below or come and ask one of the Cadets or NCOs and we would be happy to help.

Ollie Bears Arrival in the Falklands


After Presentation Evening we said farewell to Ollie until Christmas! This is because he was embarking on his 7'947 mile flight journey to the Falkland Islands where our RAF Service Helper Cpl McNab is currently out serving his four month deployment. His adventures are never ending! Ollie will sadly miss all of the activities some of the cadets have planned between now and Christmas, but he will be entailing his own wild adventrues:

  • Meeting the Penguins
  • Playing down the Range
  • Going to the Ascension Islands on the way home
  • Visiting Bars and Restaurants
  • Learning about the Falklands War

We hope Ollie has a fantastic time out on his two month away, we will miss him dearly and cannot wait to have both Ollie and Cpl McNab back at Christmas ready for the new year. Good luck and enjoy your stay!

We will keep you as up to date as we can on Ollie's Adventures in the Falklands and will do a bit update when he arrives home for the Christmas Party on the 23rd December.  77,947 mi,947 mi

Wing (Inter-Squadron) Swimming


Cadets from Beccles recently attended our Inter-Squadron Swimming Competition at RAF Wattishame. They went and had a great day swimming with WO Ben Banham and CI Jo Banham being England Referees for swimming and running the day. The breakdown of the medalists are:

  • 100m Senior Girls Individual Medley - Silver - Flight Sergeant Hannah Stokes
  • 50m Senior Girls Butterfly - Silver - Flight Sergeant Hannah Stokes
  • 100m Senior Girls Breaststroke - GOLD - Flight Sergeant Hannah Stokes
  • 50m Junior Boys - Bronze - Cadet James Spencer

Well done to the two of you who go medals, but well done to everyone who went and swan. Not only did the Flt Sgt get three medals on her own but she also places 2nd Overall for Senior Girls at swimming - ON HER OWN! A fantastic well done to her, catching up to ex CWO Chloe Smithson who won the trophy on her own - something to go for next year...!

We hope more cadets can go, represent and achieve next year. 

Annual Presentation Evening


Our Annual Presentation and Open Evening this year was again a huge success with a grand total of 160 certificates awarded and with the trophy's this went up to over 170 awards in total! These were presented to the cadets fir a wide range of activities and achievements all across the spectrum we have on offer  the Air Training Corps. Everyone has achieved a great deal this year and we look forward to increasing the numbers of certificates presented next year as our numbers increase as the weeks go by. 

The Trophy Winners this year were as follows:

  • Tornado Trophy for the most Promising New Recruit
    • Cadets Lewis Mathews and Anya Clarke
  • Warrant Officers Shield for Best Attendance and Uniform Marks from throughout the Year
    • Cadets Jack Testoni
  • CO's Trophy for Flying and Gliding Achievements
    • Flight Sergeant Hannah Roberts
  • Les Baldry Marksman Trophy for the Cadet or NCO Showing the Best Application of Marksmanship Skills (including Archery Achievements)
    • Corporal Nicky Sparkes
  • Dextrous Dobson Trophy for the Greatest Lack of Dexterity Shown by a Cadet or Member of Staff
    • Squadron Leader Neil Ovendon
  • The Miller Trophy for Achievements in Sports
    • Corporal Jessica Sparkes
  • Mayoral Cadet Trophy for the Cadet who has Participated in Squadron Fundraising Activities and also Community Work
    • Cadet Shannon Pull
  • The Alan Martin Memorial Trophy for the Best Academic Result in Exams throughout the last year
    • Flight Sergeant Hannah Stokes
  • The Cadet of the Year Shield for the Cadet who has Participated or Achieved the Most within the Squadron or the Air Training Corps over the Last Year
    • Corporal Jessica Sparkes
  • The Hart Cup, for the Cadet or NCO who has Contributed Most to the Unit in terms of Involvement, Enthusiasm and Progress in the Air Training Corps Activities; both for Themselves and the Development of the Squadron
    • Flight Sergeants Hannah Roberts and Hannah Stokes

A big well done and Congratualtions to the Trophy Winners for 2016 and also to everyone for their fatastic efforts this year! You've all done yourselves, your Squadron, your Wing and your Corps proud!

Bring on another high achieving year for all the cadets!

Morrisons Bag Pack - Beccles


Our final fundraiser for the year and our biggest one. Our Annual Morrsions Bag Pack is always the favorite of all the fundraising opportunities of the year. The cadets have a  thoroughly enjoyable day, with happy smiles, smart turn out and helpful motivation all the way.

They take it in shifts, giving up a little bit of their days to come and help raise some money. There are many positives to doing this backpack every. Other than it being our main fundraising income for the squadron, it also gets the cadets noticed in the local community, helping and aiding. Not only does it get them socializing with customers and check out staff while they happily help pack the bags, sometimes they meet someone who served in the forces and get to hear about their career. So, not only is it a great day out, but can sometimes be very educational day. 

This year, again, was fantastic. We did not raise as much as we have in past years because this is earlier than our normal dates which are normally late November. But we are grateful that Morrisons give us the opportunity every year.

We raised a massive:


Amazing effort from the Staff, Civilian Committee and Cadets who helped with fundraiser. Thank you for helping! 

Bring on next years fundraisers so we can have another great year! Also, we look forward to the trophy for fundraising at our Presentation Evening in a couple of week time... Wonder who will get it?

Sports Trials


Every Sports Season their are many events which the cadets can partake in, if they wish to. We had a fantastic turnout from the cadets to the four various sports trials held at Thurston Community College. On offer were:

  • Junior Female Hockey
  • Junior Male Football 
  • Senior Female Netball
  • Senior Male Rugby 7s

We had 4 girls go to the hockey trials: Cdt Clarke, Cdt Butcher, Cdt Leeder and Cdt Pull. All four of these we are proud to say got on the wing team for Hockey this year. We also had two of the boys go for the football: Cdt Mathews and Cdt Goldspink. These two eager footballers also got through to be able to represent Wing. The Junior Competitions for Hockey and Football will be held on the 9th October at RAF College Cranwell. We look forward to hearing the results from this. well done to the six cadets who got picked.

Also, we had two of our NCOs go forward and get picked for the Wing Senior Netball Team: Flt Sgt Roberts and Cpl Sparkes. Their competition along with the one for Rugby 7s, is on the 6th November and will be held at RAF Wyton. We again, wish them both luck and hope to hear the news and results from the event.

In the new year, we go the other way round and the Wing holds (again at Thurston Community College) Junior Female Netball, Junior Male Rugby, Senior Female Hockey, Male Hockey and Senior Male Football. For any extra information on these events please ask Flt Sgt Roberts for further details. 

Brampton Plow Day


To finish off a fantastic summer for the Squadron, we have our final summer tombola and recruitment stand at the annual Brampton Plow Day. Again, cadets attended to help with the car parking of the event, which attracted many locals to the day. Another exhausting day for them all, but one the cadets always enjoy. This year we raised £76 from the tombola, giving us a total from the three events as:


This is an amazing total for a busy summer! Well done for all those who helped to reach this by participating in these events. By doing these little summer fundraising events, not only does it get your name put forwards for the Fundraising Trophy awarded at our Annual Presentation Evening, but it also gets the cadets recognised and considered for further development and maybe promotions within the Squadron. 

Well done to all the cadets for their excellent efforts in fundraising this year!

Weston Country Fair

14/08/2016 To finish off a busy week, the cadets went to help at Weston Country Fair with the car parking of the annual event and assist the Civilian Committee with our tombola and recruitment stand. Another one of our big fundraisers of the year, which gets the cadets noticed by the local community.  This year we raised 98 from the tombola and again got some more young people interested in joining the Squadron. It was a hot and demanding day for the cadets again, which thousands of people from the local area attended. The cadets got a free burger from the organisers of the day and got the chance to have a look round the stalls, most of which were local small business'.  One more summer fundraiser to go, hopefully it will be another good day for all the cadets, staff and civilian committee involved in the day. 

Air Cadet 75th Anniversary Exstraviganza!

On Saturday 13th August, six cadets, five staff, one Civilian Committee Memeber and Ollie Bear Mascot got on the minibus and travel up to Royal Air Force College Cranwell, in Lincolnshire to be a part of celebrating the 75years of The Air Training Corps. WO (ATC) Ben Banham, CI Jo Banham, CI Hannah Fryer, Val Fryer (Secretary Civilian Committee), SGT (ATC) Roberts (from 221 Yarmouth Squadron - but an Ex CWO from Beccles), Flt Sgt Hannah Stokes, Flt Sgt Hannah Roberts, Sgt Aldren, Cdt Mathews, Cdt Clarke, Cdt Gooderham and Ollie Bear (our Squadron Mascot) attended this event. The afternoon and evening entailed many displays:

  • A march past and parade from the cadets who went to the Drill and Ceremonial Camp the two weeks leading up to this.
  • Musical performances from the:
    • The Marching Band,
    • The Concert Band, and,
    • The Air Cadet Choir. 
  • A Red Arrows Display
  • A Falcons Display
  • A fly past from various aircraft
  • Lots of stalls and activities around the site to interest everyone
  • To finish of the night a spectacular Firework Display (funded by Norfolk and Suffolk Wing)

There were roughly about 80-110 Cadets and Staff there from Norfolk and Suffolk Wing, not just there to experience the day but also who took part in the events and performances. The Cadets from Beccles who attended said that had a fantastic day of once in a lifetime opportunities which also showed them what else they could do and achieve in the Air Training Corps. It has been a fantastic year all round for our 75th Celebrations showing how strong we are as a Corps today as we were when we first joined. 

Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Training Scheme (ACPNTS)

07/08/2016 - 12/08/2016

Flight Sergeant Hannah Roberts applied for a Flying Scholarship late last year but instead received her second choice option of Navigation Scholarship with 6 AEF at Royal Air Force Benson. We have never known of someone receiving this opportunity in the Squadron before, and are also unaware of anyone ever doing this scholarship in the Wing. It is a mostly unknown scholarship compared to the Flying one up at Tayside Aviation which is more commonly known. But none the less, if not more of an experience for her. She had this to say about her experience: 

"Between the 7th and the 12th of August I had the opportunity to travel to RAF Benson to complete a Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scholarship. After applying for a flying scholarship, i was far from disappointed when i received my placing for the ACPNS instead! This was a rare and exciting opportunity I grabbed with both hands and went, unknowing of what could be ahead. But, after hearing some bad news the week before my course started I was a bit weary of whether I would be able to complete my scholarship. i recieved an email explaining how the second week of my course had to be postponed due to a 'stand down' period that the AEF have to apply by, meaning there would be no flying at 6AEF in that week.This showed speculation for what would be ahead.

Still so eager to do it and to do as much as I could a week, I went ahead and help on to the hope of having the opportunity of a second week to complete. 

After a five hour train journey through London to Oxfordshire's RAF Benson, i was taken to the accommodation block I would call home for the duration of my course. The 1 bed, en-suit 'rabbit hut' style block system  was new to Benson and I knew prior to my course starting I would be located along with the Annual Camp that week. Cumbria and Lancashire Wing had there annual camp that week, for me it was great! A friendly bunch of cadets with a lot of enthusiasm and very welcoming staff, they made me feel part of their Wing for my stay. 

The course itself went amazing. Eight hours of ground school to start of the week where a refresh of navigation, wing affects, plotting and planning routes were given. This set me up for my flights for the rest if the week.I was lucky enough to get six hours flying during the week of my course, which is a lot for someone in a Wing that has had recent troubles with Air Expereince Flying Opportunities for cadets. We rattled through the course and it came to the point where we were sure I would finish the course in the week! Friday came and I was ready to go for my final assessment. For this I had to plan a route and navigate all the way to Nottingham Air Port and back. A scary thought at first! On the flight there it was a medium level flight all the way there and every legg of the route I made went perfectly smoothly. We did two touch and go's at Nottingham Air Port, one low approach and a wave goodbye and we started the journey back to Benson. Half of this was low level navigation, which again went really well. I passed on the Friday after the touch down at RAF Benson. 

It was an amazing week and 6AEF were so welcoming and helpful. I'm very thankful to Flt Lt Jack Hudson for running the course and getting me through my scholarship in a week, in which doing something I never thought I would ever be able to do. By far my biggest achievement in my four and a half years in the Air Training Corps."

Flight Sergeant Hannah Roberts

Parham Museum Visit


As one of the Friday night Summer Stand Down activities, the cadets had the opportunity to visit Parham Aviation Museum in North Framlingham, Suffolk which opened specifically for us on the Friday evening. Most of the cadets from the Squadron attended this, and enjoyed the trip thoroughly. 

Parham Airfield Museum is situated on an old World War II United States Air Force Station. The Museum consists of two separate museums , which show how this corner of rural Suffolk was affected by the War in two different ways. The 390th Bomb Group Memorial Air Museum pays tribute to the 740 servicemen killed or 'Missing in Action' from this airfield and the further 754 who were taken Prisoners of War. The Museum of British Resistance Organisation provides an insight into 'Britain's Secret Army', which contemporary artifacts housed in the Nissen Huts and a unique replica secret underground bunker. The Museum aims to shed light on "Britain's best kept war secret".

"Parham Aviation Museum is a museum on an old airfield. It has lots of aviation memorabilia which includes lots of vintage pieces such as old engines, wheels, parts of wings and propellers, uniform, ruffles and a small replica of a Lancaster Bomber with spinning propeller and sound effects. 

There was also things remaining from when it was made, such as a 360 degree control tower over the old airfield.There were also more personal items such as shower, sinks, beds, blankets, posters and chairs to give us a real sense of what life and conditions were like during the stay for the soldiers during the second world war. There was also a very small but touching chapel with a book of prayers and all of the soldiers names written on the wall.

The museum on the whole was great, but a positive was the canteen filled with hot drinks and snacks for us as well."

Cdt Jack Testoni. 

We're glad all the cadets had a good and educational evening at the museum and we are very thankful to the volunteers who opened this fantastic museum just for our view. If you way anymore information on the museum or would like to visit yourself, please visit their website by clicking the button below:

75th Anniversary Torch Relay and Sunset Parade


On the evening of Thursday 11th seven cadets went down to Ness Point (the most Easterly point of the UK) for a sunset parade and ceremony to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Air Cadets and to pass the torch through this area. We met Lowestoft, Yarmouth and Caistor Squadrons there and four of our cadets were lucky enough to get a boat ride down from Oulton Broad. 

"We were doing our part of the torch relay as it passed through the Wing. Four cadets met in Oulton Broad; Sergeant Aldren, Cadets Mathews, Bedwell and myself, to get on the speed boat to transport a smaller version of the torch down, along with Ollie our Mascot. 

We went down to Lowestoft Loft Club where we met the three other cadets from the Squadron; Cadet Warrant Officer Thoppil, Flight Sergeant Stokes and Sergeant Boyd. From here we walked down to Ness Point passing the big torch between us as we went by. The other Squadrons went onto the parade as we welcomed the Officers in a guard of honour. 

It was a great experience and I would love to do it again!"

Cadet Shannon Pull

"This event was held in Lowestoft as it is the most easterly point in the UK. The torch that had been all across the UK and was transported via speedboat to Lowestoft harbor, then taken through town by 759 Beccles squadron to the most easterly point. The parade was a particularly enjoyable experience as many people had come out to watch, also the cadets I asked said they had enjoyed taking part."

Flight Sergeant Hannah Stokes

We're glad all of the cadets have a great experience as a part of this amazing year of celebrations!

RAFA Families Day - Flixton Aviation Museum


Every year attend the Families Day at Flixton Aviation Museum. We have a recruitment and tombola stall run by our Civilian Committee, the cadets help the Royal Air Force Associations with Fundraising for them and the Museum as well as doing the meet and great with the veterans and then do a march part for them later in the day. On top of this, there is a small fly past by World War 2 aircraft. 

This year we raised £92.20 on the tombola and we had some young people interested in joining cadets. This fundraising goes towards new equipment for the cadets in their expeditions, weekends away among many other opportunities. The cadets always have a fantastic day here, listening to the stories of the veterans and what they did in the war, whether they where an air cadet, sometimes even being able to see their flying log books. It is a very educational day for each one who attends. They also get the opportunity to walk around the museum and the exhibitions to see what is displayed in our local museum that celebrates the history of RAF Beccles and the local communities.

Everyone who attended, staff and cadets, had a fantastic day again, were smart on the march past which the veterans enjoyed and all learnt something from this expereince.  

Gibraltar Overseas Camp


In July Cpl Jessica Sparkes got the opportunity to get a place on our annual overseas camp in Gibraltar along with 5 other cadets from Norfolk and Suffolk Wing. We have had many past cadets go and it is in amazing experience for all involved, as are any overseas camps. Gibraltar is also in our Wing as No2 Over Seas Gibraltar Squadron. This means we are very lucky to have a lot of communication with them. A lot of the Gib cadets spend two weeks over here during the summer and normally do Windermere Adventure Training Camp and then an Annual Summer Camp the week after. So not only are we lucky enough to go and experience what they have on offer, but we also get chance to interact and spend time with them when they come to England for their camps.

Jess had this to say about her week away:

"Gibraltar was my fourth blues camp and by far the best I went only knowing two other people and even then I didn’t know them well. Everyone else on the camp was in much the same situation so we all jelled together and made friends very quickly. As my first overseas camp I wasn't sure what to expect but it had a very relaxed environment even though we were doing a lot of activities. Some of the activities we did are:

~ went in the great siege tunnels

~ visited St Michael's cave

~ Walked to the top of the rock and saw the monkeys ( then walked back down)

~ visited the dog section on base

~ Visited Casemates (Shopping area)

~Went to the beach

~ went on a dolphin safari boat ride

~went to a water park in spain

~went to a safari park in spain

So we did many things and all of us had a great time I would recommend this camp to anyone because it was the best camp that I have been on with the ATC."

Cpl Jessica Sparkes

We are glad Cpl Sparkes had a great time on the camp. We hope this will interest other cadets and influence them to also attend this fantastic week away in hot and sunny Gibraltar.

RAF Wyton Annual Camp


We have been lucky with Annual Camps this year! Having our one in the Easter break and then getting 3 places on the Benson Camp earlier this month and now 4 cadets places and 2 staff place at Royal Air Force Wyton. Sergeant Boyd and Cadets Gooderham, Curtis, and Meadows attending along with Flying Officer Dobson who went going on his first Annual Camp as an Officer and to learn about how to be the Adjutant on the Camp.  

"We joined 22 other cadets from squadrons within Norfolk and Suffolk wing on a coach en route to RAF Wyton, near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. RAF Wyton used to take care of Lancaster’s and Canberra’s in the past, but now it is no longer a functioning airfield and is privately owned by No.3 elementary flying training school and No.5 air experience flight. RAF Wyton is also a joint forces command station and the home of the joint intelligence operations centre.

When we arrived at RAF Wyton we set up in tents that were provided and put up for us by the army and were split into 2 groups called flights. Every morning and evening we would had get into our uniform and march to breakfast and dinner, and every evening we would put our smartest uniforms on and do some drill, including a set sequence to learn and creating our own sequence in our flights.

During the week we did loads of different activities such as:

  • Participating in Archery and adventure training,
  • Visiting places such as Bletchley park, where they cracked the infamous enigma code,
  • Cambridge where we went around taking photos of many different interesting things in Cambridge,
  • Visiting RAF Wattisham, where we went and saw the Apaches that were based there with the army air corps, we also went and swam in the base swimming pool and went into the base museum and had a look round.

During the week we also had inter flight competitions to see who could gain the most points, unfortunately the flight I was in did not win. At the end of the week we all went for dinner at a ten pin bowling alley and played a few games of bowling. Then the next day we packed up and went home."

Cadet Edward Curtis

"During the first the week of August, three cadets from the 759 Beccles squadron travelled 2 hours to RAF Wyton, stopping off to collect cadets from all over East Anglia.  When we arrived, we were sorted into flight, where I was put in Red Flight. We immediately got going with our first activity and unfortunately came last. We then settled into our tents. I was placed with Cadet Gooderham and someone from another Squadron with whom we are still in touch with.

The week flashed by in a blur of excitement and anticipation as to what was to come the following morning. We went swimming and I passed my level two as well as visited multiple museums and even went on an outing to Cambridge where we played our own version of monopoly. Whenever issues arose they were quickly dealt with by the staff. I believe we achieved an incredible amount over the week and look back on it with a smile on my face especially when I think of the time Warrant Officer Banham accidentally locking himself in the washroom early one morning and had had to wait many hours for someone to finally rescue him.

By the end of the week we were all confident with our drill, had made firm friends and had perfectly ironed uniform."

Cadet Isabel Meadows

Everyone who went seemed to have a great camp, very different experience for all of them! Even though at the beginning of the week they had to completely change the camp programme, it went well and all the cadets enjoyed their week away!

1* Kayaking Weekend


Kindly run by CIs Ben Sparkes and Andy Buckingham and assisted by CI Ian Gibson, the cadets from Beccles took part in a 1* Kayaking Course down at Bungay Staithe, where Mr Sparkes is a member and they kindly let us use their facilities. With paddling, camping, BBQs and nice weather, what more could the cadets ask for?

It was a fantastic weekend for everyone, with them all passing with flying colours! Here's what one cadets had to say:

"On 23rd to 24th July, myself and five other cadets took part in the 1* star kayaking weekend run by Mr Buckingham and Mr Sparkes.

On the first day, we arrived at Bungay Staithe and got kitted up with our kayaks and buoyancy aid. We were then taught how to steer and make the boat move and capsize before entering the water. When we entered the water we went on a short journey down the river, learning different techniques and playing games in which we had to use the skills we had learned to either get away from the tagger or get the ball. After we had got to the end of the journey up and back down the river we put our boats and equipment away and headed down to the campsite where we were staying that night. When we got there, we put our tents up and set up our beds. Then we had some free time where we played Frisbee and football before eating a lovely BBQ made by Mr Gibson. We then washed up and sat round the campfire until it got dark and cold and we went to bed.

We woke up the next morning and had a delicious fry up before going back to the Staithe for day two and our test. We again got kitted up and hit the water, going the opposite way to yesterday which meant small passageways, ducking under branches and steering around bridge posts. The next thing we did was very fun; we would raft up (join all the kayaks together by holding them next to you in a long line) and one person would get out of their kayak, walk along the front of everyone’s kayaks, go around the edge, down the back of everyone’s kayaks and sit back down. Nearly all of us fell in and it was very funny but it cooled us off as it was a hot day. After lunch we had our test. We had to paddle through two poles without touching them and then stop as soon as possible.

We all passed! Which was very good news and after we had finished we put our kayaks away and got all the different types of boats out: canoes, racing boats, paddleboards, open top kayaks and others. We also practise seal launches and capsizing with spray decks. It was a lot of fun and I would do it again any day."

Cadet Sinead Butcher

We're glad they all had a great time and that the weekend was a success! We hope to do Raft Building down at Bungay Staithe later in the summer which will be just as fun for them. 

Windermere Adventure Training Camp


This year Cdt Pull and Cdt Bewell went on Windermere AT Camp, our third year in sending cadets from the Squadron up to this camp. Every year they always enjoy it, and this year was non the less. Both coming back saying they want to go back again already! 

"We did lots of activities, such as climbing, walking, kayaking and canoeing on flat water and rapids,  orienteering, navigating, ghyll scrambling, mountain biking, high ropes and swimming (for the cadets who needed their proficiencies, or simply just for fun). We also got to go shopping at Ambleside at the end of the week. After the day's activities, we had the chance to relax and get to know the other cadets before and after dinner, either by playing cards or ball games on the field opposite. We made lots of new friends, including some Gibraltar cadets. It was great fun, and we had some good laughs even with the staff. We also got to do things that we had never heard of before, such as the ghyll scrambling. We would defiantly go again, and would defiantly recommend the camp to any cadet. We can't wait to hopefully go again next year!"

Cdt Shannon Pull and Cdt Tierny Bedwell

Every year Windermere is a hit with the cadets. Its very different to the Annual Camps, as there is no uniform and it is far more laid back as well. You cook together, sleep in one large communal room, do activities together and everything. You're basically one bug family for the week, and that is a test for anyone, but it always goes so smoothly. Flt Lt Peter Howlett runs the camp every year, as well as attending every year and does a superb job at doing so. We thank him for the amazing opportunities every year. 

We're glad the two cadets that went had fun, and we wish the Sqn good luck at getting places again next year. 

RAF Benson Annual Camp


On Saturday the 16th, three of our NCOs; Sgt Aldren, Cpl Sparkes J and Cpl Clarke filled extra spaces on the RAF Benson Summer Annual Camp.Excited to go, they had to be at Wing HQ, Norwich at 0700hours the morning after the Drill Comp. They hugely enjoyed the week, and Sgt Aldren had this to say about the camp:

 "After about four and a half hours on the coach, we arrived at RAF Benson. We found that we were one of the first groups to use the new cadet accommodation – Single rooms with an ensuite! Pure luxury compared to the previous facilities, which where the normal RAF 12x12 tents. I quickly discovered that I would become a flight IC, meaning I would be in charge of around 20 cadets – very nerve racking seeing as both myself and the other sergeant on the camp had only been promoted around three weeks before!

We took part in a range of activities, including a trip to the Fire and Rescue section; a trip to Air Traffic Control (My favorite); a trip to RAF Hendon; the Air Ambulance and Police helicopter; a visit to the high and low ropes; also a visit to Force Protection with the RAF Regiment; and, a film night, watching the new Dad’s Army; we also got to look around MT and their new MAN-SV’s which were very cool! Unfortunately, Chinook flying was cancelled last minute, as the two Chinooks required new engines (Very unfortunate!) We were also lucky enough to visit the PDSH (Puma Deep Servicing Hub) where we were able to see a multitude of Puma parts, and pumas in different stages of upgrades. We went to 6 AEF on the Friday, where unfortunately five cadets were unable to fly due to a pilot being unavailable. As a consolation for me being chosen not to fly, I was taken to the Air Traffic Control section, for an hours work experience, for me it was the best part of the trip as I was given the opportunity to speak to the pilots flying our cadets through the radio, as this is what I would like to do after University, it was an amazing opportunity to have.

I really enjoyed the trip, as well as the added pressure and delight of being a flight IC. I would certainly recommend that all cadets go on as many camps as possible, I have made many great friends through the camp, and no matter what stage of your ATC career you are in, you always learn so much!"

Sergeant Lawrence Aldren.

We hope they had a truly enjoyable time on Camp, and that they can have more opportunities either this summer, or ones to come. 



On the 15th July, Cpl Adams left on a coach along with Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Nijmegen marches for 2016, a part of the 100th Year Anniversary Marches. We had four cadets attend training, three went on to do WARMA and it was close for who made it to Nijmegen, Cpl Clarke, Cpl Sparkes N and Sgt Aldren did very well in their efforts this year and the Sqn hopes they will go back to training again next year.

Cpl Adams, instead of marching with our, he marched for Wales Wing II along with Cdt Griffin from Dereham Sqn. He said he enjoyed every moment of it and was glad he got the opportunity to do it. 

Norfolk and Suffolk Drill Final


On Friday the 15th July, instead of having a normal cadet night, the drill team got on a bus and went to RAF Honington for the Annual Drill Final. Just after the results came through from the Area Competition, the CWO told his NCOs that he wouldn't be here for the Final. So the new prep work started.

With Flt Sgt Roberts taking over the drill team, she had two weeks to learn and prepare herself for the unexpected final ahead. Nerves where held high on the bus on the way there as she frantically kept going over the sequence in her head. Also, because of this we had to alter the drill team, which now consisted of: Flt Sgt Stokes, Sgt Boyd, Sgt Aldren, Cpl N Sparkes, Cpl J  Sparkes, Cpl Clarke, Cdt Curtis, Cdt Mathews, Cdt Spencer, Cdt Piull, Cdt Bedwell, and Cdt Clarke who was a travelling reserve for the final. 

With a cadet dropping out the night before and nerves flying high, and Cdt Clarke subbed in to the extra space with ease and grace. Her drill on that night was exceptional and we are very proud of how far she has come in her little time and the Sqn.

The cadet had a shaky start to the drill, but nailed it by the end of the sequence. They did superbly well and the Sqn is very proud of them. We came 4th in the end, and it was one of the closest drill finals  the Sqn can ever remember. Flt Sgt Roberts spoke to WO Bailey, Norfolk and Suffolk Wing WO, and his comments were all positive; "if you come back with almost the same drill team next year you will smash the final. Everything was fine it all  just needed sharpening up, with that in mind leave with your heads heald high and come back and win it next year."

Well done to all those who went and good luck for next year, the Sqn is also hoping to enter the banner drill next year as well, so we hope the preperation goes well for that. 

Mayoral Civic Reception


In early May, Flight Sergeant Hannah Roberts was awarded the opportunity to be Mayoral Cadet for Beccles Town Mayor and Council. Every year Beccles has a Mayors Cadet from one of the three Corps, Air Cadet, Sea Cadets and Army Cadets. This happens for 759 in a three year rotate and which it being our year, Hannah got put forward for this award. Our last Mayoral Cadet was (ex) CWO Hannah Fryer (helped by (ex) Flt Sgt Kieran Dennington). So for the Flt Sgt to achieve this is incredibly rare. 

She said: "It is something I have wanted to go forward for ever since I saw Hannah as Mayoral Cadet in my first year. I am so excited to take on this incredible opportunity in my stride and help the Mayor Graham Catchpole where I can. I cannot wait for the year ahead."

After collecting her Mayoral Cadet Badge in May, her and the cadets were invited to go and help celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday. With a parade and torch lighting down at the Quey on the 11th of June. The cadets looked incredibly smart and where confident in their escorting. Flt Sgt Roberts was given the opportunity to carry the torch on a boat organised by the sea cadets down from the Museum Garden to the Quay. The torch lighting was a big success and the cadets did extremely well as always.

Carrying on from this on Thursday 12th July, the cadets where invited back to help on the door, serving drinks and general jobs at the Mayors official Civic Reception. It was a success, the cadets had a great night, Flt Sgt Roberts was able to help the Mayor enjoy his evening to the full by standing alongside him to great and guide. 

Overall it has been a good few months for Flt Sgt Roberts as Mayoral Cadet and the Sqn wishes her the best of luck for the rest of the year and will hopefully be able to help her achieve her roles wherever we can. 



On Friday 7th July, Wing Commander David Miller MBE visited the Sqn as a part of his pre-summer visits in which he wanted to go and see every Sqn in the Wing. 

This particular Friday was the Sqns night, he chatted with the cadet and staff, and told everyone the up and coming news and information within the Wing. But, the excitement from the evening was the promotions. The Wing Commander promoted two NCOs:

  • From Cpl to Sgt, Sgt Lawrence Aldren
  • From Sgt to Flt Sgt, Flt Sgt Hannah Stokes

Lawrence joined the Sqn as a Cpl from the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) at Langley School, and over the year or so he's been here we have watched him progress in to a well developed and confident NCO at the Sqn. We arevery proud to promote him to Sgt.

Hannah has been with us for 4 years now, she joined slightly late and was quiet shy at first. But with the help from others, she has bloomed into a bright, helpful, proactive and confident NCO in which the cadets look up to for guidance and advice. We are very happy of all her achievements and this is a well deserved promotion after a superb interview with the Wing Staff Officer earlier in the year.

Well done to the both of them. But don't think this is the end of the promotions, this is only the beginning of them. Keep up the good work everyone!

CWO Thoppil's Scholarship


On the 4th July, CWO Raghav Thoppil left for Tayside, Dundee in Scotland to complete his Flying Scholarship. 

Raghav is the 4th opportunity for a Flying Scholarship the Squadron has been given in the last year and a half. (ex)Flt Sgt Alex Elliott was awarded one and booked his first. He succesffully passed his course. (ex)Flt Sgt Kieran Dennington was next to be awarded his scholarship and booked it in an overlaping period as Alex. He also successfully passed his scholarship as well. Finally, (ex)CWO Tom Willis was the last one to do his last year, he also succesfully passed and was also awarded top-grob and now has two extra weeks up in Tayside. 

Raghav said he had an enjoyable two weeks up in Tayside. The scholarship involves two weeks on theory and flying. It is incredibly intense and not for everyone. Unfortunately the CWO didn't go solo, but he said he learnt so much. Normally 6 people go up at a time from anywhere around the Corps, the expected number is half that go solo, but on Raghav's only 1 went solo from his course. He still said it was the best two weeks of his cadet career so far and a high to leave on. He will unfortunately be leaving us in September for University. In which we wish him good for!

Norfolk and Suffolk Wing 75th Anniversary of the Air Training Corps Parade


17 out of our 26 cadets at the Squadron attended the 75th Anniversary Parade of the Air Training Corps held at Norwich Cathedral.

Starting with a morning at Norwich City Football Club (Jarolds stand), the preparation began. With approximately 400-500 cadets there and 50+ staff members, the formations and marching began ready for the afternoon. A hot day was feared, but the cadets battled through the heat to produce an amazing parade. With 16 cadets in the Parade and Flt Sgt Roberts carrying the Squadron Standard alongside 28 other banners from amongst the Wing and joined by the Wing Standard along with its escorts as a part of the banner party. We headed to the Cathedral for the afternoon parade.

Formed up along one of the private roadways in the Cathedrals grounds, the cadets got ready to march in front of Officers, RAF Personnel, dignitaries and parents the nerves gradually kicked in throughout. All wet smoothly, we marched round the be inspected by Central and East Regional Commandant Nigel Gorman. Many of cadets got the opportunity to speak the Regional Commandant throughout his inspection. From there the march past proceeded to the Cathedral where the service was taken by our Wing and Region Padre Ron Tuck.

The day went exceptionally well and the cadets where invited to join the staff with tea and cake in the Cathedrals garden.

It wasn't all drill and marching, the cadets all got to meet new people, see old friends and have an enjoyable day out in the sun doing what all cadets love. The last most recent Wing Parade was in 2012 when we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the forming of Norfolk and Suffolk Wing, which is only remembered and attended by CWO Thoppil and Flt Sgt Roberts. So to have another parade like this was a once in a life time opportunity for all of those who attended.

6-aside Football Competition


To top off an unbelievably busy weekend, came our 6-aside football competition. The team, lead by Sgt Boyd as captain was made of 9 other cadets; Sgt Stokes, Cpl Clarke X, Cdt Goldspink, Cdt Testoni, Cdt Mathews, Cdt Clarke A, Cdt Roe, Cdt Kerridge and Cdt Spencer. Not only did we have the team there, but also Cdt Butcher went off to play for 188 (Ipswich) Sqn for the day as they where short of players. And Flt Sgt Roberts went as team manager.

Another a good day of sport. Marginally missing qualifying for the cup semi-finals beaten by Norwich and Felixstowe in the group stages, we went on to compete in another tournament (the equivalent of the "cup trophy") in which we also did well, but the cadets where tired in the afternoon after putting so much determination into the morning competition.

A big well done to those 12 cadets who went.

Morrisons Bag Pack


Run by ex CWO Willis and his Dad, we had a duel bag pack at Pakefield Morrisons. This was to not only raise money for Toms scholarship (in which he needs £500 for) but also, anything that was left over was donated by him to the Sqn for our savings. Many cadets from the Sqn attended to help him on this day and we raised a total of approximately £750, an incredible amount again.

Thank you for those who attended and helped.

Inter-Region Athletics

24/06/2016 - 25/06/2016

On the evening of Friday 24th June Cpl Sparkes J and Cdt Clarke A went on a coach from Wing HQ, Norwich down to RAF Cosford to compete in the Inter-Region Athletics competition. Cpl Sparkes competed in the Class E Junior Women 800m and 1500m races. With it being her first year in the seniors category she did exceptionally well and placed 5th in the 800m and 6th in the 1500m. Cdt Clarke A, competed in the Class D Girls 100m race and the Long Jump. She has been in cadets 6months and alongside Cross Country earlier in the year, she has done exceptionally well to get to get to Corps in this amount a time, a true up and coming sports star for the Sqn. Placing 4th and 5th in her activities she did so well, they both did.

Overall, the Region came 1st again, as Central and East Region continue to Reign as the top Sports Region in the Corps.

Well done both of you who attended. We look forward to seeing more of your amazing sporting achievements in yours years to come in the ATC.

Area Drill Competition


13 cadets eagerly attended our Annual Area Drill Competition held at 469 (Lowestoft) Sqn. Competing against Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, Caistor, Diss and Leiston Squadrons, we where unsure of our outcome for this year. Feeling quiet confident we could hold on to our 10 year title as the Area Winners, we knew we would have a close competition between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth Squadrons. Also, with Great Yarmouth Sqn now having our ex CWO, now Sgt ATC Jade Roberts, the cadets knew it would be close.

Lead by CWO Thoppil, with his team that consisted of: Flt Sgt Roberts, Sgt Stokes, Sgt Boyd, Cpl Sparkes N, Cpl Aldren, Cpl Clarkes X, Cdt Pull, Cdt Bedwell, Cdt Mathews, Cdt Testoni, Cdt Spencer and Cdt Curtis. The uniform, inspected by Sqn Leader Neil Ovendon, as always with high standards from the cadets, we breezed past the inspection. The main drill sequence, watched and marked by WO Webb, went so well, was the best the cadets had performed so far in their 5weeks of preparation for the competition.

The result came through by the time we got back to the Sqn, and we had won the area competition again.

Well done to those who attended the Drill Competition, and a very big good luck for the Final on the 15th July at RAF Honington.

Basic Radio Operators Course


Run by one of our two newly transferred CIs - CI Colin Dawson, 14 cadets, along with 4 cadets from 469 (Lowestoft) Sqn where able to attend the first ever Basic Radio Operators Courses in the Corps to gain their Blue Communicators badge. The new system for the Communicators badge came in at the beginning of the year and as a Sqn we are glad to have someone like CI Dawson to be enthusiastic towards radio and to run the course for us.

The cadets enjoyed the day massively, learning new skills along with being able to competently use a hand-held radio for communications. Not only where new things learnt by all the cadets of all ranks, but it also meant we where able to do a activity with and mingle with 469 Sqn. To be able to work alongside another Sqn is always good, especially if it is CI Dawson's old Sqn.

The day was well run with every cadet there passing the course. Now all we do is wait for the badges to arrive.

Well done to all those who attended.

Inter-Wing Athletics


5 cadets went to compete in the Inter-Wing Athletics Competition at Bedford Athletics Arena. As well as these cadets, Flying Officer Dobson went to help run the High Jump and Flt Sgt Roberts went to help look after the Class A Boys and Class D Girls.

Overall, Norfolk and Suffolk Wing placed:

  • Class A Junior Boys - Joint 1st
  • Class B Boys - 3rd
  • Class C Junior Men - 1st
  • Class D Girl - 4th
  • Class E Junior Women - 5th

Overall, the Wing came 2nd, only 9 points behind 1st place.

The cadets competing for our Squadron did so well:

  • Cpl Sparkes J came 1st in the Class E 800m and has also been asked to run the 1500m at the next level,
  • Cdt Clarke A came 1st in the Class D 100m and the Long Jump,
  • Cdt Mathews L came 6th in the Class A 200m,
  • Sgt Stokes H came 5th in the Class E 4x100m relay race,
  • Cdt Spencer came 4th in the Class B 4x100m relay race.

For those who's first year competing it is they have done exceptionally well, and those who have done the competitions before never fail to impress the Region, Wing and Squadron staff. It was an incredible day for everyone, and enjoyed by all. The atmosphere again was phenomenal around the arena for each of the wings. 

Well done to all those who attended, you should be proud of yourselves. Also, good luck to Cpl Sparkes J and Cdt Clarke A going through to compete for Central and east Region at the Inter-Region (Corps) athletics competition on the 25th June.

Cake and Plant Stall


3 NCOs along with staff and the civilian committee went to help with our Annual Cake and Plant stall held in Beccles Town Centre. This year our location changed due to it being the same weekend as the Food and Drink Festival, but that did not change the popularity of our stall.

The homemade cakes and home grown plants always go down so well to the general public. They love to see the young and enthusiastic cadets helping to sell our goods for the day. As always, we were sold out by the early afternoon and managed to leave the rest of the Food and Drink Festival to enjoy the day.

We raised £266.20 from the day, which is an incredible total of money. The money fundraised from this goes towards fuel and maintenance for the mini bus for all the activities we do as well as saving it for up and coming activities we need it for.

But, the NCOs who attended also dealt with a First Aid incident that occurred. While Flt Sgt Robert carried on manning the stall, Sgt Stokes and Sgt Aldren went off to deal with a man who had collapsed (possibly from the heat of the day). Their First Aid Training came to good use when having to comfort the man and his wife, check for any possibly injuries as well as ringing the ambulance for them. They did exceptionally well under the pressure and we are very proud of this.

Inter Squadron Athletics


10 cadets went on the mini bus to compete in out inter squadron athletics competition at Ipswich Athletics Arena.

Was a very successful day, but also quiet hot as well. The atmosphere around the arena from all the squadrons that attended was incredible. To see old friends, make new friends and have an enjoyable day competing was a good experience for all those who attended. Even though Bury St Edmunds Squadron managed to wipe the floor with most of the trophy's, we did exceptional.

Overall the medal winners are:

  • Sgt Stokes S - 3rd in 200m
  • Cpl Sparkes N - 3rd in 800m and 1500m
  • Cpl Sparkes J - 1st in 800m and 1500m. Also the winner of the Jennie Matthews Junior Women 1500m trophy
  • Cpl Clarke X - 2nd in Long Jump and High Jump
  • Cdt Clarke A - 1st in 100m and Long Jump, missing the Wing Long Jump Record by 0.3m
  • Cdt L Mathews - 1st in 200m.

All round good day for the squadron. Those who won their categories will go through to represent the Wing at our Inter-Wing Athletics competition at Bedford Arena on June 12th. Well done to all who attended and good luck for those going through to the next level.

Touch Rugby Competition


In 27*C heat the touch rugby competition held at Diss took place for the Wing. The 10 cadets competed against other squadrons in the wing as part of the Air Cadet Sportative Cup.

Weekly training has been taking place leading up to the competition over the last couple of months and we have been kindly assisted by external rugby coaches.

Thanks go to our external coaches and also to Beccles RFU for letting us train on their pitches.

 Tesco Bag Pack


A group of the cadets from the squadron went to Tesco in Beccles alongside staff members and members of our Civilian Committee to do a fundraising back pack.

The money from this bag pack will be used for buying new camping equipment ready for out up and coming DofE Expeditions along with other adventurous outdoor activities planned for the summer. It was a very successful and positive day with all the cadets being friendly to the general public as well as eager to help wherever they could.

Overall we raised £728.16 for the squadron. Successful day all round, well done to all those who attended.

Wing Field Weekend


On Friday and minibus of cadets and staff from the squadron left to go off to the Wingfield weekend on Stanta training ground, Thetford.

The cadets take part in a wide range of activities as a team in order to gain maximum points in each activity which are all added up at the end of the weekend to identify the winning squadron. 29 squadrons take part from around Norfolk and Suffolk Wing and each year Beccles Squadron is getting better and better and we are getting higher up the leader board in the wing.

Results for 2016:

1st: Night Exercise

2nd: First Aid

3rd: River Crossing, Leadership and Orienteering

Overall Position: 3rd

Well done team!! Big thank you goes to all the staff members from the squadron who have contributed to the ongoing training around the year and particularly leading up to this years weekend, the positioning shows how much the cadets have benefited from additional evenings and days of activities.

Cheque Presentation


The Squadron has been lucky enough to have the Apollo Lodge come down and present the cheque to Flying Officer Dobson and the Squadron. The cheque was a kind donation to our youth organisation, and we received £828.25! An incredible amount of money, and we are so so thankful for this donation. We will hopefully use this money to support the Sqn in all of the activities we do as well as go towards supporting their up and coming DofE expeditions. 

We thank the Apollo Lodge for their kind donation to the Squadron, we are very greatful for it!

Duke of Edinburgh

12/03/2016 and 20/03/2016

A group of cadets have recently been taking part in day expeditions around Beccles in order to practise ready for their Duke of Edinburgh expeditions in the summer. The style of these days has been to get the cadets practising the skills required for map reading, compass work and cooking on trangiers.

They might have even had the chance for an ice cream with squadron mascot Ollie.

Cross Country


four cadet hae recently attended Wing Cross Country competition. Cdt A Clarke came 2nd in the Junior Girls, Cdt J Spencer came 7th in the Junior Boys, Cpl J Sparkes came 3rd in the Junior Women and Cpl N Sparkes came 1st in the Youths.

Well done everyone for competing and we wish Cpl N and J Sparkes and Cdt A Clarke the best of luck competing at Inter-Region competition on the 19th of March.

Message from Fg Off Dobson: "I am very proud of your achievments today and you are all a credit to the squadron."

Swimming Proficiencies


Congratulations to the 12 cadets who have gained their swimming proficiencies today. The cadets are able to achieve three levels, basic, intermediate and advanced and today we saw cadets achieve in all three levels.


Cdt B Leeder, Cdt L Pratt, Cdt T Green, Cdt B Kerridge, Cdt E Curtis. Cdt A Goldspink


Cdt I Meadows, Cdt B Roe, Cdt L Matthews, Cdt J Testoni


Cpl J Sparkes, Sgt H Stokes

Thanks also go to our two in house swimming instructors WO B Banham and CI J Banham

Squadron trip to RAF College Cranwell for the ACO National Concert Band performance


Accompanied by Fg Off Dobson, Mrs M Dobson and Mr and Mrs Fryer a group of cadets set off on a road trip to Lincolnshire to the home of officer training at RAF College Cranwell for the Air Cadet Organisation National Concert Band (ACO NCB) Performance. Although we did not have any cadets performing in the concert this year it was a camp attended by CI Fryer for 5 years and this year CI Fryer was a staff member on the camp so managed to get some tickets for the cadets to watch.

The ACO NCB is formed of cadets from around the Corp, both ATC and CCF (RAF), who play a musical instrument. They spend the week rehearsing hard with a fantastic support team including members of the RAF College and/or Regiment bands based at RAFC Cranwell as well as ACO staff, some of whom were members of military bands themselves.

The cadets and accompanying adults enjoyed a fun filled evening of music including marches, classical, jazz and film music. It has inspired some of them who play instruments to practise harder and maybe try the ACO NCB following in CI Fryer's foot steps.

Start of the 75th Anniversary Celebrations


Every year, we attend a Church Service at St Mary's Church, Lowestoft. Held by Lowestoft Sqn and run by our Wing and Region Padre, Ron Tuck who is also 221 (Great Yarmouth) Squadrons Padre. The service is to celebrate the anniversary of the ATC, every year we celebrate regardless of weather, illness anything. It makes the cadets proud to know this. It is always the Sunday after the 5th February (the official Anniversary).

But this year was something different and special. This year we are starting off the celebration for the 75th Anniversary of the ATC, with more to come this year, this parade seems the smallest, with Wing and Region Parades coming up as well as Corps Extravaganza, among a torch relay and our Wing Time Capsule,its a busy year ahead for everyone. 

All the cadets enjoyed the days parade so much and they all said it was a great way to start the celebrations off. 

We hope the events to come will be as good as this one!

RAF Careers Evening


CI Chloe Smithson has recently been in contact with the RAF Careers Office to try and get someone in to talk to the cadets about different careers in the RAF.

The cadets enjoyed an evening of being told about the wide variety of career opportunities available in the RAF and how to pass entrance tests to get in and what is involved in maintaining the high levels of fitness. A lot of very good questions were asked and some of the cadets are now looking more seriously into careers in the military whether that be Army, Navy, RAF and Royal Marines.

Annual formal Inspection


Each year members from the Wing come to visit each squadron to check paperwork is in order and to see the squadron functioning. This year we welcomed Squadron Leader Ovendon. Everything appeared to be in order and we are looking forward to what the next year holds in store for us as we continue to grow and develop in numbers, skills and activities we take part in.

Already we are seeing the benefits of having this website as the number of new cadets through the door has increased and more people are keeping up to date with what we do and what the cadets achieve at an extra curricular level.

Message from Commanding Officer: "Keep up the hard work and levels of enthusiasm you put into every parade night and activity you take part in. It is a pleasure to be in command of such an enthusiastic and dedicated group of young people."

Archery evening


We are very lucky on the squadron to have an archery instructor as one of our civilian instructors. CI Gibson frequently takes the cadets for a fun filled evening of archery to find the best Robin Hood.

All the cadets get the chance to have a go during the evening an occasionally you might find the odd member of staff having a go as well.

Anyone for CPR?

12 Cadets from the squadron have received their red first aid badges along with the whole squadron completing the British Heart Foundation Heart Start programme.

CI Hannah Fryer along with one of her work colleagues from the East of England Ambulance Service, Steve Hammond, took the squadron for an evening of heart start and took them through the vital life saving skills of dealing with an unconscious patient and the recovery position, CPR, dealing with a bleeding patient, dealing with a choking patient and dealing with a patient who is expiencing chest pain.

We would also like to thank Mrs Val Fryer for coming in and volunteering to be a casualty for the evening.

Sports Trials


On Sunday 6 cadets from the squadron attended the Wing Sports Trials to represent the Wing at their chosen sport.

Cpl J Sparkes, Sgt Stokes and Flt Sgt Roberts took part in Senior Girls Hockey, Cdt Bedwell and Cdt Leeder took part in Junior Netball and Cpl N Sparkes took part in Senior Football. Well done for taking part, it was a hard day and very cold.

Each of the cadets had to show team participation, team work, effective communication and a great willingingness to compete at a higher level in their chosen sport should they get selected for the Wing team. We are awaiting the results to see if any of our keen cadets get to compete for the Wing.



Congratulations to two more cadets who have received their first promotion in the Air Training Corps.

Cadet to Corporal

Corporal J Sparkes

Corporal X Clarke

A promotion in the ATC is a big moment and each of the four cadets who received their promotions tonight have been working hard towards them for a while. Those cadets who didn't get a promotion tonight keep up the good work, you are being noticed, just be yourselves and one day you may find your self on the promotion ladder in the ATC.

Duke of Edinburgh style walk at Dunwich


A group of hardy cadets an staff set out for a winter sea-side walk at Dunwich. The cadets were able to work as part of a team and practise the fine art of map reading for the spring when we will re-start the Duke of Edinburgh training programme once again. Cadets aged 14 and over are eligible to take part in the award scheme. More information can be found on the DofE page. 



A team of cadets attended a day of sport with Norfolk and Suffolk Wing at the inter-wing sports competition.

Flt Sgt Roberts, Sgt Stokes and Cdt J Sparkes took part in Netball and won bronze.

Cpl N Sparkes, Cdt Pratt and Cdt Clarke took part in Hockey and won Silver.

Well done everyone for your hard work.

CWO collects prestigious award in London


An air cadet from Lowestoft has been awarded the 2015 RAF Charitable Trust Flying Excellence Award. The silver Trophy is given on the recommendation of Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty, to a cadet who has shown both outstanding flying ability and personal qualities. 

The presentation was made to Cadet Warrant Officer Thomas Willis at the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain Concert held at Cadogan Hall, London, by Squadron Leader Dunc Mason who was, until last month, Officer Commanding the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF).  Sqn/Ldr Mason was himself an air cadet before joining the RAF as a combat pilot and going on to the Red Arrows and BBMF. Thomas plans to join the RAF and hopes to follow in Sqn/Ldr Mason’s footsteps.

Thomas, who lives in Carlton Colville, Lowestoft and is a member of 759 (Beccles) Squadron ATC, said “When I joined the ATC in 2009, I didn’t fully appreciate the opportunities that would be made available to me in the coming years. I have benefited from some incredible experiences with many memorable stories for which I cannot express enough thanks to the ACO, my Squadron and my Commanding Officer whose hard work and dedication is often unappreciated.

When I did my flying scholarship, I wasn’t aware the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Flying Excellence Award was even a possibility, so the phone call to explain I had won the award came as a massive surprise. The whole experience has been amazing and has given me even more incentive, inspiration and hope of pursuing a career as a fast jet pilot in the RAF.

I would like to say a big thank you to the RAF Air Cadet Organisation.  It is an absolutely fantastic organisation to be a part of.  If anybody wants to do it, just go for it.  The more you put in, the more you get out, and it really is worth it.  I can’t stress that enough; it has done more for me than any other organisation I can think of.  I would also like to give a really big thank you to the RAF Charitable Trust for picking me for this award.”

Below: CWO Thomas Willis with Sqn Ldr Dunc Mason

Remembrance Day


At 10am on Remembrance Sunday a group of cadets and staff attended a service of remembrance at Worlingham Church with our Squadron Padre Suzi Ellis.

The cadets were then taken back to the squadron to iron uniform and polish shoes ready for the afternoon parade through Beccles town. Mrs Marie Dobson and Mrs Val Fryer from the civilian committee prepared a hot lunch at the squadron for the cadets and staff and then just before the afternoon parade CI Hannah Fryer took the annual squadron photograph.

Poppy Collecting


Cdts Pratt, Green, Matthews, Aldren, Stokes, Boyd, Clarke, Goldspink, Testoni, Adams and Cahill, accompanied by CI Hannah Fryer and CI Ian Gibson were in Morrison's doing poppy collecting for the Royal British Legion.

Each group of cadets did very well and members of the public commented on how smart the cadets looked and how polite they were. Totals for each team will be posted on here and announced at squadron as soon as the figures have arrived.

Total for Poppy Collecting 2015 from the squadron was £1510.77

2015 Presentation Evening


Tornado Trophy – The cadet who has joined the squadron in the last twelve months and has shown the most promise and involved themselves in squadron activities.

Awarded to Cadet T Bedwell


Les Baldry Marksman – The cadet or NCO showing the best application of marksmanship skills during the year.

Awarded to Cadet Flight Sergeant A Elliott


Warrant Officers Shield – The cadet who has had the best attendance and highest marks for presentation throughout the year.

Awarded to Cadet J Sparkes


C.O’s Award – Presented to an individual for an achievement that is a little bit different. The subject or activity is at the C.O’s discretion.

Awarded to Cadet Flight Sergeant A Elliott


The Dextrous Dobson Award – To the person (cadet or staff member) showing the greatest lack of dexterity.

Awarded to Cadet  Flight Sergeant H Roberts


The Miller Trophy – For achievement in sport. This is awarded to the cadet or NCO who has promoted, participated, or achieved high recognition in sport throughout the year.

Awarded to Cadet  Flight Sergeant H Roberts


Cadet of the Year Shield – The cadet who has participated and achieved the most within the Squadron and the ATC.

Awarded to Cadet Corporal N Sparkes


 The Hart Cup -  The cadet or NCO who has contributed most to the unit in terms of involvement, enthusiasm and progress in ATC activities; both for themselves and the development of the unit.

Awarded to Cadet Warrant Officer T Willis


The Mayoral Cadet Trophy -  The cadet who has participated in squadron fundraising activities and also community work such as Poppy Collections.

Awarded to Cadet Sergeant G Boyd


Brampton Plough Day


A group cadets,WO Banham and Flying Officer Dobson as well as Mrs Linda Roberts and Mrs Marie Dobson attended another local event to help with car parking and fundraising for the squadron at Brampton Plough Day.

Fundraising Total: £74



7 cadets and the CO accompanied by Mrs Val Fryer and Mrs Marie Dobson from the civilian committee attended Weston Country fair to assist with car parking and also do some fundraising and public awareness of the squadron.

Well done those who attended you raised £124.50

Annual Camp


This year 759 Beccles Squadron went to RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, for their Annual Camp. RAF Coningsby is a Typhoon Station and the display team were practising for an air show that was coming up. The 5 cadets and 2 staff from the squadron got to watch the practise sessions from the ground, watching each element of the display being practised to perfection.
20 out of the 29 cadets on the camp went flying and 15 went gliding. As well as these activities the cadets were able to participate in shooting, confidence building courses, swimming and visits to the Police dog section on camp and The Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight.
Cadet Jessica Sparkes said 'The week was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to any other cadet who wishes to attend an Annual Camp.



Congratulations to four cadets who earnt their promotions on friday evening. A promotion in the ATC is a big moment and each of the four cadets who received their promotions tonight have been working hard towards them for a while. Those cadets who didn't get a promotion tonight keep up the good work, you are being noticed, just be yourselves and one day you may find your self on the promotion ladder in the ATC.

Cadet to Corporal:

Cpl B Adams

Cpl N Sparkes

Corporal to Sergeant:

Sgt G Boyd

Sgt Y Thoppil

A Year of sporting success stories


Squadron Sports report

 * September 2014:

o 4 members of the Sqn attended our inter-Squadron Swimming Competition at RAF Wattisham

o Cpl Hannah Stokes won here race in 50m Butterfly and went through to represent the Wing in the inter-Wing competition.

o Sgt Hannah Roberts attended Wing Open Hockey trials and F/S Kieran Dennington attended Wing Senior Football trials and both got selected to play for the Wing team at the inter-Wing competition at RAF Cranwell. Sgt Roberts then went on to be selected to do the Regional trials, but did not get selected.


* October 2014:

o Sgt Hannah Roberts attended Wing Netball trials and went on to get selected for the Wing team to play the inter-Wing competition at RAF Cranwell.


* February/March 2015:

o During February some of the cadets from our Sqn went to take part in the inter-sqn Cross Country competition with 2 cadets going through to represent the Wing.

o Cdt Jessica Sparkes and Sgt Hannah Roberts attended Junior Hockey Trials as well as Cdt Aiden Cahill and Cdt Taylor Walding attending Junior Football trials. All whom attended got selected for the Wing teams and went on to compete in the inter-Wing competitions held at RAF Cranwell. All cadets went on to be selected for Regional trials but only Sgt Roberts was selected to represent Central and East Regional Hockey team (going on to captain the second place team) and Cdt Cahill was a Non-Travelling reserve for the Regional Football team. 


* March/April 2015:

o Sgt Hannah Roberts and Cdt Jessica Sparkes attended Wing Junior Netball trials and Cdt Nicky Sparkes attended Wing Junior Rugby Trials, all whom got through to play for the wing team. Sgt Roberts and Cdt Sparkes both got selected to attend Region Netball trials, but only Sgt Roberts got picked to play for Central & East who went on to win the competition.


* May 2015:

o In the beginning of May 11 cadets went to represent the Sqn at our Touch Rugby Competition. This year was our best year yet, coming approx. 10th overall. All the cadets thoroughly enjoyed the day and the heat didn’t compromise the quality of the competitions.

o Towards the middle of May the Sqn went to take part in the inter-Sqn Athletics competition with 6 cadets going through to represent the Wing at the inter-Wing competition. 

* June 2015:

o In June we came to the end of our sports season with 10 cadets going to represent the sqn at our inter-wing 6-aside football competition. It was a good year for Beccles, coming 5th overall which is the best result for this competition for many years.


It has been a good year with sports for 759 Beccles Sqn with many cadets going through to represent the Sqn at Wing and Regional level. Personally, I think this has been our best season as a Sqn since I first joined with many cadets interested and involved in competing in the sports. Our cadets love doing the sport and I feel it is nice for them all to meet new people from around the Wing, Region or Core from doing these events and they meet people they would have never before. Watching some of the cadets achieve so highly this year has been very rewarding for me as they have been so pleased with what they have helped not only themselves, but the Sqn, Wing or Region achieve this season. For me, personally, I always enjoy going to sports events, the competitions are great, the atmosphere is spectacular and the people are good fun to work with. 

Sgt Roberts

Wing Sports report

Hockey: Our wing sports team held two training sessions for hockey in which they selected the team to represent Norfolk and Suffolk wing in the inter wing competition, from 759 beccles squadron myself and Sgt  Hannah Roberts were selected to play. In the competition the wing did extremely well and ended up winning the day and had several girls selected to attend the regional trials.

Netball: Again the wing held two training sessions in which Sgt Hannah Roberts and myself were selected to represent the wing. In the inter wing competition we all played well unfortunately there were a lot of other very good teams and we did not come out victorious but it was recognised that we  did play well and a few girls were selected to attend the regional trials.

Cross country: three cadets from Beccles squadron attended the cross country this is set up in a way that we all race a distance and the top four from the wing go on to represent the wing both cadet Sparkes won their respective age groups and progressed onto the next level unfortunately  cdt spencer  did not. In the inter wing competition both cdt Sparkes' came fifth and were made the reserves for the next round.

Athletics: the whole squadron did amazingly well and almost everyone returned with a medal of sorts and four cadets from beccles progressed to represent the wing in the inter wing competition which saw cdt Nicky sparkes WIN the1500 and go on to represent the region.


Cdt Jessica Sparkes

Swimming report

In September 2014 I was in the squadron swimming competition doing butterfly and front crawl for senior girls. I enjoyed this day because we got to socialise with people from other squadrons whilst performing for our own. It was a nice day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

In the squadron competition I came 1st in butterfly which meant I was able to progress onto the inter-wing level where I competed for Norfolk and Suffolk. Also I was part of the Norfolk and Suffolk senior girls relay team for front crawl. I was proud to get as far as I did and represent my squadron.

I hope to compete in the squadron competitions next year and possibly progress further.


Cpl Hannah Stokes

Athletics report

Athletics was an amazing opportunity to meet new people who enjoy sport and some that don’t. It was a very well organised set of events with an amazing atmosphere, particularly in the later rounds. All of the cadets and staff were very supportive and cheered everyone on no matter what their ability, through these events, I personally got to meet the Air Commandant, it was a great experience and I would defiantly do it again given the chance.

Cross Country:

Cross Country is amazing. More people should take part in this activity as it is never as hard as people expect it to be. A well organised event, fun for all the cadets while meeting new people and having a good atmosphere.


Cdt Nicky Sparkes

RAFA Day at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum - Flixton


Every year the squadron is asked to attend the Flixton RAFA day held at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum. Not only is it a chance for the cadets to engage with their local history but also to speak with veterans and show the public that the youth of today are learning from veterans who were once air cadets as well.

2015 Aerospace Camp

10/08/2015 - 16/08/2015

A week for those of us who are interested in aviation careers. I was part of the aircrew side of the camp, but engineering was also offered. As aircrew we were treated to a whole host of activities.

We visited 45(R) Squadron at RAF Cranwell, got to look around their Kingair aircraft and fly in their simulator! Many cadets got Air Experience Flights also. We also spoke to many of the pilots learning to become multi-engine pilots, which I found extremely interesting, learning about their entrance into aviation. 

Another visit was to RAF Scampton, where we got to learn about Aerospace Battle Management. This was very intriguing as it is a side of the RAF I knew very little about, and encompasses a multitude of roles. We spoke to some of the technicians who operate the radars, visited the main operations room from where they monitor all air traffic in the UK and met two ABMs who do aerial management on board E-3 Sentrys. 

Throughout the week we were able to fly the glider Part Task Trainers at RAF Syerston, which proved to be a useful teaching aid to those who were able to go gliding. They were able to go through the sortie in simulation before doing it for real, saving time for some hands on control of the aircraft.

Two further trips stood out to me personally. One was the BAE Systems Trip, where we were lucky enough to have an up-close look around the Vulcan XH558 - even more poignant as it is her last display season this year! This was absolutely fascinating and we were able to speak to the engineers that keep her airworthy, who are all quite characters. Secondly we visited the Newark Air Museum. Here they house 69 aircraft of various nationalities, roles and age. We were given a tour by museum staff of one of the hangars and were able to sit in full cockpits of a Phantom and Jaguar. A very interesting day out!

The camp itself was truly national, it is the first time I've been able to meet cadets from all over the UK. There were cadets from West Scotland, Cornwall, Northern Ireland and even Cyprus! You meet some really great people, most of whom you would never normally get to meet. A great week, and a great camp! The National Aerospace Camp 2016 will only get better!

By Flight Sergeant A Elliott

Flt Sgt K Dennington, Flt Sgt A Elliott, Flt Sgt T Willis and Sgt H Roberts all attended the Aerospace Camp 2015

 Raft Building evening


This evening a group of cadets accompanied on the water by CI Ben Sparkes, CI Andy Buckingham and CI Natasha Dennington were set the challenge to build a raft from wooden poles, barrels and rope and then get it onto the water in one piece, make sure it floats and then put a team of cadets on it and paddle downstream to rescue a fellow team member from the bank.

They managed it very well and the level of communication in the team from the beginning was very high, each team member was able to share their views and ideas on how to create the raft and then everyone had to work together, like a well oiled machine, to ensure they completed their task.

Flying High with the Air Training Corps

 Flt Sgt Alex Elliott:

The Air Cadet Pilot Scheme is, without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever been lucky enough to be part of. You learn how to fly and meet some great people whilst you do it! In just under two weeks at Tayside Aviation in Dundee, and 10 hours and 10 minutes flying, I was lucky enough to go on my first solo flight. I will remember the moment my instructor looked at me and said “solo?” forever! Then he got out and left me to it. I was the pilot in command! They say you never forget your first solo flight, and I can understand why. It is a truly exciting experience to know that you are in control of, and responsible for, an aircraft entirely on your own.

It’s hard to believe how much you can learn in two weeks. At the beginning I couldn’t tell you much about the Grob 115D2, but now I know the specifications, which instruments are electric and which ones are powered by vacuum gyros, basic radio procedures, principles of air law, emergency procedures and so much more.

To many aspiring pilots, like myself, this is the first step. I would recommend ACPS to anyone!

Flt Sgt Keiran Dennington:

Simply put, it was the best two weeks I think I have ever experienced.

Flying did not come to me terribly naturally, thus it was through determination to go solo and shear hard work rather than prowess in the air or natural talent that got me to solo standard, but fulfilling a dream I have had since I was a small child to learn to fly was unparalleled.   

The other cadet pilots on the course were absolutely terrific people, all of whom were quite happy to assist you whenever you had a query or an issue relating to the flying training.

When I was at the end of the runway having been permission to take off in an aircraft on my own, I had to do a reality check to make sure that it was really happening!

To all those who will attend an ACPS in the future, I am incredibly jealous that you'll have the privilege of attending the course. It is really is the pinnacle of what the ATC offers.

Fond Farewell CWO Roberts


Tonight saw the squadron say farewell and good luck to CWO Jade Roberts. Jade has decided to take the step into uniform as an adult volunteer when she finishes as a cadet in September so to give her additional experience in leadership she has been moved to 221 Gt Yarmouth Squadron for her final two months.

Jade joined the squadron as soon as she could when she turned 13 and since then has thrived. She has taken part in a wide variety of activities and is always willing to try something new in order to pass on her knowledge and experience to the younger generation of cadets, not just on the squadron but around the wing. When she joined the squadron in 2008 she set herself the target of achieving as much as she could and pushing herself to strive for more...... I think it is safe to say she has certainly achieved that. With an impressive list of courses, activities, qualifications and achievements CWO Roberts is set to be a great asset the ATC as an Adult volunteer. During her time with 759 Beccles Squadron she has achieved:

6 Years in Cadets 
5 Annual Camps -  Marham, Scampton, Halton, Conningsby and Aldergrove
3 Overseas Camps – Belgium  and Gibraltar
Personal Awareness course at the Air Force Chaplaincy Centre at Amport House 
Represented Sqn in – Hockey, Athletics, Touch Rugby, 6-a-side football and Swimming
Dacre Brooch nomination
BTECSin – Aviation Studies, Public Services (Distinction) 
Wing Field and Holt Hall weekends
Courses –  Drill, St John's Youth First Aid, Instructional Techniques, JuniorNCO and Senior NCO, Provisional Radio Operators course
Drill Competition
Trophy’s – CO’s Trophy, Tornado Trophy, WO Shield, Cadet of the Year Trophy and Hart Cup
Beginner and Intermediate Swimming Certificate
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh, Mayors Appeal, Duck Race, Bag Packs, Battle of Britain Parades, Remembrance Parades, Poppy Appeals , Bungay Black Dog Car Parking, Western Country Fair, Flixton RAFA Day
2 hours flying
Gliding Scholarship
Standard Bearer for Squadron

Commanding Officer Martin Dobson says: Jade has been a great asset to the squadron from the day she set foot inside the building. She was timid to start with but it has been wonderful to see her grow in confidence and ability. She has dedicated many hours to the squadron to not only better herself but also make sure other cadets experience the best of the ATC. She has frequently passed on her knowledge and experience to the newer and younger cadets to ensure they get as much out of the ATC as she has. Jade has always put herself forward for events and activities which have not always been in her comfort zone but she has pushed herself to excel. It is sad to see her leave Beccles Squadron but we all wish her the best in the future and hope that she will continue to encourage the next generations of cadets at which ever squadron she goes to as a uniformed member of staff. We hope that she may be able to find time in her busy schedule to come and visit us again and keep us posted with what she is doing with the ATC.

Windermere Adventure Training Camp 2015

18/07/2015- 25/07/2015

This year I attended Windermere Adventure Training Camp again, but this year Sgt R Thoppil was also on the camp. It was another good and enjoyable week that was filled with loads of different activities to keep us busy but it was also a lot of hard work.

The week started with a long bus journey which started at 0700hours on Saturday 18th July. Once we arrived, we unpacked and were briefed about the week and split into groups.

On the Sunday, my group had kayaking and canoeing. Even though the weather was not as good this year as it was last year it was still very enjoyable.

Then on the Monday, my group did rock climbing, fortunately, we were the only one of the three groups two use an actual rock face. It was a good to be able to climb all the way to the top this year, was an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Our final of the three starter activities, was hill walking. But my group were doing it slightly different to the other groups. The other groups went on low walks and we went on a high walk up to 902m on Bow Fell, it was a lot of hard work but the view was incredible.

On the Wednesday we started the two day expedition for this we were split into two different groups. The group I was placed in was walking on the Wednesday, we camped overnight at a site not far from Windermere. Then on the Thursday, we canoed further up Windermere and did some white water rafting on one of the rivers. For me, it was a scary experience, because at first I didn’t want to do it at all. But after the first one, I grew in confidence and fell in love with it.

Sgt Thoppil and I were in the same groups for the whole week and it was good to work with him throughout the week. I know we both thoroughly enjoyed the week.

By Sgt H Roberts

Beccles Quay Charter Weekend - Car Parking


Weather for ducks!! and Air Cadets apparently, a group of weather hardy cadets turned out to assist with car parking at the Beccles Charter Weekend event.

Thanks have been received from the Beccles Town Council for all the wonderful efforts put in by the cadets. Well done everyone!!

Drill Practise and competitions

22/06/2015 (Practise), 26/06/2015 (Area competition), 06/07/2015 (Practise), 10/07/2015 (Wing Final Competition)

It's the time of year when the squadron takes part in the annual Drill competition. A competition of Drill moves and a specific sequence, competing against other squadrons to represent your wing at Regional Field Day. This year the team competed at Lowestoft Squadron for the area competition and came first. This meant we could go on to RAF Honington to take part in the Wing Final. We came 2nd at the Wing final this year with the team being lead by Flt Sgt T Willis. Leading up to this years competition Flt Sgt Willis has worked hard with the team making sure we would give our best performance at each stage.

The area team comprised of: Flt Sgt Willis, Flt Sgt Elliott, Flt Sgt Dennington, Sgt Roberts, Sgt R Thoppil, Cpl Y Thoppil, Cpl Stokes, Cpl Aldren, Cpl Boyd, Cdt Adams, Cdt J Sparkes, Cdt Testoni and Cdt Cahill.

The Wing Final Team were: Flt Sgt Willis, Sgt Roberts, Sgt R Thoppil, Cpl Y Thoppil, Cpl Stokes, Cpl Boyd, Cpl Aldren, Cdt Testoni, Cdt N Sparkes, Cdt J Sparkes, Cdt Cahill, Cdt Clarke and travelling reserve Cdt Bedwell.



11 cadets from 759 Beccles Squadron ATC travelled to Ipswich Athletics stadium at the weekend to compete against 26 other squadrons from across Norfolk and Suffolk. Despite heavy rain and difficult conditions the cadets were determined to do well.
The squadron came home having won 4 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze and winning the Freestone trophy for class B boys.
The class B boys relay, a hard fought race, came away with a silver. Spending part of the race almost at the back of the field Cadet Aiden Cahill drive out on the final leg and pushed all the way to the line. Cadet Jessica Sparkes ran her 800m race very well and had a commanding lead throughout winning with a comfortable margin. Cadet Nicky Sparkes was beaten to the top spot in his 1500m race but still came home with a silver. Cadet James Spencer, who took part in his first athletics competition this year, pulled out all the stops in his race and won the 400m in his age category.
All the cadets did a fantastic job on the day and Commanding Officer, Flying Officer Martin Dobson commented "It is a fantastic achievement for the cadets to win this award, it shows the dedication that these young men and women put into all the activities that they participate in. They worked hard on the day and were rewarded with medals and a trophy outcome from a wet and dismal day."

Above:Flight Sergeant K Dennington with Wing Commander Miller, Norfolk and Suffolk Wing. Presentation of the Freestone Shield for Class B Youths

Above: Cdt Clarke, Cdt Cahill, Cdt Adams and Cdt N Sarkes, 2nd in the Junior Boys 4x100m Relay

Above: Cdt J Sparkes, 1st in the 800m, Junior Girls

Above: Cdt Spencer, 1st in the 400m, Class A Boys

Cake and plant stall


Today the squadron turned out in force in the centre of Beccles with an enticing stall of cakes and plants. Thank you to everyone who supplied cakes and plants for the stall and also a big thank you to Mr Ken Miller and Mrs Grace Corne for going along to help identify the plants for members of the public.

The final total for this year was £348!!

Photo Gallery


If you're interested in what goes on with the cadets and would like to look at some images of the cadets participating in the many different activities that we have mentioned on this news page then please take a look at the Gallery as there are always new images being added.

Cadets and staff if you have any pictures that you would like to add then please email them through to me at and I will add them. Likewise if you are asked to do a write up about an activity then please email to the same address so they can be added to the page....the more news items and pictures on the website the better.

Thanks CI Fryer

Team building challenge


Every so often at squadron we like to challenge the cadets in a team building exercise (exactly what it says on the tin). This time the challenge was linked to first aid and a small scale obstacle course. The cadets had to assess a casualty (Resus Anne in this case) place them on a stretcher and carry them over, under, round and through obstacles from one end of the hall to the other without dropping them and causing more injuries.

Wing Touch Rugby Competition


On Sunday the 10th of May a team of 10 cadets from the squadron travelled to Bury St Edmunds to take part in the 5th Touch Rugby competition. The team: CWO J Roberts, Flt Sgt A Elliott, Sgt H Roberts, Cpl H Stokes, Cpl Y Thoppil, Cdt A Cahill, Cdt N Sparkes, Cdt J Sparkes, Cdt X Clarke and Cdt Morgan played against a wide variety of other teams from other squadrons with varying degrees of player ability.

CWO J Roberts who along with the coach from Beccles Rugby Club have trained the team on Tuesday evenings leading up to the competition and have worked hard to make sure they are at the correct level for the competition.

LEFT: CWO J Roberts with England Rugby player Rachel Burford. Rachel has won 56 caps, helped England win the World Cup last year and was also given the title of England Womens player of the year 2014.

CWO J Roberts said that the team played amazingly well and they played like a well built team.

VE Day celebrations 


This evening at 21.32the squadron were asked by Beccles town Mayor, Councillor Caroline Topping to attend the lighting of the beacon on Beccles Quay to mark the 70th Anniversary of VE day.
139 gas fired beacons were lit around the UK as part of V for Victory celebreations.

Wing Field weekend 2015


The weekend of the 24th-26th of April saw a team of 8 cadets and 1 cadet doing radio communitcations from 759 Beccles Squadron Air Training Corps go away on a wing activity weekend at Wretham Camp, Thetford. The cadets competed against 28 other squadrons from Norfolk and Suffolk in a variety of activities such as First Aid, River Crossing, Air Craft Recognition, Shooting, Night exercise, leadership and archery. The team of 8 worked together to earn as many points as possible in each activity.

The team competed well in each activity and set a good standard for future teams. The team came first in the night exercise, first in air craft recognition and fourth in First aid. For the weeks running up to the weekend the cadets put in many hours of training at parade nights and over weekends making sure they were at the best possible standard going into the competition.

The weekend is open to any cadets on the squadron and cadets always look froward to meeting up with friends from around the wing. Cadet Bedwell who has recently joined the squadron attended Wing field Weekend for the first time this year and said 'I really enjoyed the weekend meeting new people and it was a valuable experience for me. I would recommend it to other cadets on the squadron'

The team did exceptionally well coming 9th out of 29 teams that took part with an overall score of 184 points.

Padres hour and a special visitor


Tonight Squadron Padre Rev Susie Ellis came and did padres hour at the squadron. Padres hour has always occurred on the squadron and is normally an opportunity for the Padre to talk to the cadets about themselves or about a specific topic. As tonight was Rev Ellis' first night she wanted to set the bar high so brought along a very special guest.

Tony Cooper, ex 64 Squadron RAF and retired spitfire pilot who flew a total of 71 missions of which 38 were operational in the spitfire MK 805 which became his personal plane. MK 805 was inscribed 'Peter John III' as it was the third spitfire to carry the name of his son who was born two months before it entered service on July 5th 1944.

ABOVE: Tony Cooper in the replica Spitfire Mk. IX, made by Terry Arlow.

Tony Cooper’s desire to become a pilot began when he had a ‘joyride’ in an aircraft of Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus, sitting on his sister’s lap at the age of five. His dreams were almost shattered when his applications to join the RAF were refused twice, because the medicals showed that he had a badly damaged ear drum. Then in late 1937, aged 21, Cooper was accepted for pilot training with the RAF Volunteer Reserve at Luton. It seemed that the RAFVR was less particular and, as he says, “There was a war coming”.

In July 1943, Tony Cooper joined No 64 Squadron, which was temporarily based at Ayr in Scotland with its Mk Vb Spitfires, undergoing a period of rest and training. He was to serve with the squadron for the next 16 months. He had yet to acquire any operational experience, but he was now a very experienced pilot with some 2,000 hours of flying.

An entry in Cooper’s logbook against 5th May 1944 – a day when he flew a dawn patrol for 1 hour and 55 minutes – proudly notes the birth of his son, Peter John. On 22nd May, he records that he took over a new personal aircraft, Spitfire Mk Vb BM327, coded ‘SH-F’, which was named “PeterJohn 1” after his newly-born son, who he was not able to see until the baby’s christening some weeks later.

ABOVE: F/Lt T Cooper with the original SH-F Peter John III

BELOW: The Squadron with Tony Cooper

Special Visit from a spitfire pilot - By Cadet Nicky Sparkes


The talk from the veteran was a eye opening experience that gave up insight into what I was like training pilots and flying in the second world war, he was very humble and had a great sense of humour, it was a great opportunity and I would speak to him again if the opportunity arose

On Target - Archery night




Congratulations to four cadets who earnt their promotions on friday evening. A promotion in the ATC is a big moment and each of the four cadets who received their promotions tonight have been working hard towards them for a while. Those cadets who didn't get a promotion tonight keep up the good work, you are being noticed, just be yourselves and one day you may find your self on the promotion ladder in the ATC.

Corporal to Sergeant:

R ThoppilH Roberts

Sergeant to Flight Sergeant:

A Elliott K Dennington

 Welcome to the new Padre


On friday evening the wing and region Padre, Reverand Canon Ron Tuck came and visited the squadron for the ceremony for the new Squadron Padre, Reverand Susie Ellis to be inducted to the squadron.

We hope Reverand Ellis will enjoy her time on the squadron, for many years now she has shown a keen interest in the squadron and what the cadets are getting upto.

Bag Pack at Tesco


On Saturday a group of cadets from the squadron headed into town to the local Tesco store to pack bags for the shoppers in store to raise money to maintain the new squadron Minibus.

Throughout the day the cadets worked hard to pack bags and in total raised £527.82 towards the upkeep of the minibus.


Over the last three months the cadets have been busy taking part in sporting activites across the wing and also to region level. Cdt N Sparkes and Cdt J Sparkes represented the squadron at Cross Country, both achieving 5th place in their age categories and Nicky has gone on to represent  Region. Cdt J Sparkes and Cpl H Roberts went to represent the wing at Netball and their team came first, Cdt Cahill and Cdt Walding represented theWing at Foorball and came Second. Cdts Walding and Cahill and Cpl Roberts then went to trials to represent the Region teams as well.

Cdt Cahill Receiving his medal for football

Cpl Roberts receiving her medal for netball

Cdt J Sparkes and Cpl H Roberts as part ofthe wing netball team

Cdt J Sparkes and Cpl H Roberts, Wing Netball team with Trophy

Cdt Walding Receiving his medal for football

Cdt J Sparkes receiving her medal for netball

Radar Museum visit


( cadets accompanied by Warrant Officer Banham, CI Ward, CI Sparkes and CI Lawton visited the RAF Air Defence Museum at Neatshead. The cadets were able to learn about the history surrounding Radaer, how it worked and what it was used for. The museu, itself has 20 rooms, many artefacts and different exhibitions, with each room having its own theme. The museum looks across the RAF station which is still operational. The cadets were able to ee a Cold War icon and the Type 84 Radar scanner, which once detected and tracked Soviet war planes as they probed British airspace. The cadets were taken to the museum in the newly sign written minibus.

(picture to follow.......)

Official Minibus!!

Since the arrival of the squadron minibus we have been deciding what to have sign written onto the bus to make people aware of who we are. So far the bus has enabled us to travel to a wide variety of locations which would have proved difficult before its arrival. It has made trips and activities alot easier and more enjoyable .

Supplied by:
Barrett car and van sales
01502 677464

Maintained by:
Andrews Auto Tech
07530 441149

Vehicle Graphics by:
mark@signs Ltd
01502 538458



Tonight 5 cadets said the air cadet promise and were enrolled as members of the Air Training Corps.

Cadet Leeder, Cadet Besant, Cadet Bedwell, Cadet Spencer and Corporal Aldren all said the promise as part of a special ceremony conducted by the Wing and Region Padre, Reverend Canon Ron Tuck.

"I, hereby solemnly promise on my honour to serve my Unit loyally and to be faithful to my obligations as a member of the Air Training Corps. I further promise to be a good citizen and to do my duty to God and the Queen, my Country and my Flag."

The evening was also an opportunity for existing cadets to renew their promise to the Air Training Corps.

Wing Hockey and Football


Cadet J Sparkes and Corporal H Roberts have been selected for the Wing Hockey team for their age group and Cadet T Walding has been selected for the Wing Football team for his age category.


Pantomime Time


CI Chloe Smithson and CI Mick Smithson have been working hard over the recent weeks as characters in their local Pantomime.

The chance to see them in action on the stage was offered to the cadets and a group of cadets went and supported the comical duo in the performance of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Fundraising total for 2014..........

From May 2014 to the beginning of January 2015 the squadron has raised a total of £1680.67!!!! Well done to the hardworking cadets and staff and not forgetting the Civilian Committee who make all the fundraising activities happen.

An evening of knots


Tonight the cadets were getting to grips with tying various knots. The idea behind tonight's session was to help the cadets in activities such as raft building to ensure that the raft they build is securely tied, reducing the chance of it falling apart and everyone falling in.

All the cadets got the chance to practise tying knots and everyone helped each others as it's not always as simple as tying your shoelace!!

New Year, New targets.


It's a new year and therefore we have new targets and aims for the squadron which will hopefully mean we will have an equally successful year as last year.

Each year we set out targets for various areas of the squadron in terms of development and widening knowledge bases of both cadets and staff. In 2015 we are looking to:

-  Increase squadron numbers by going into local schools and talking to students in the correct year groups about the squadron and about the opportunities available.

- Continue to take part in Wing/Region and Corps level sports

- Continue to run trips to local museums

- Organise more extra activities; including Canoeing/Kayaking, Archery, Duke of Edinburgh and Climbing among many others

- Achieve more BTEC Qualifications

- Encourage cadets to attend more camps including overseas, adventure training, Wing Field and Annual Camp

- Take part in all other Wing activities and competitions

- Continue to utilise the Squadron Minibus

This is only a small number of the targets on the long list but we hope that once again each cadet will take the opportunities available for them and enjoy 2015 as much as they did in 2014.

If you are reading this and are interested in joining the squadron then please go to the Contact Us page on the left and fill in a contact form and someone will get back to you. We look forward to seeing you down at the squadron soon.

Christmas Party Night


Tonight saw the staff and cadets at the squadron celebrate another successful year.

2014 has seen many changes on the squadron including cadets moving on to new places including Chloe Smithson who has returned as a Civilian Instructor and Hannah Fryer, who has also returned to help out as a Civilian Instructor when she is not away training to become a Paramedic. We have also gained new cadets which is wonderful and we hope they enjoy their time here with us on the squadron.

Jade Roberts was promoted to CWO as the interface between the cadets and the staff. We had many cadets attend annual camps in Aldergrove (Northern Ireland), RAF Lossiemouth and also one cadet went to Windermere.

The Squadron gained 3 BTEC awards in public services with Distinction, Merit and Pass. The athletics team came home with lots of medals and the Don Shield for Junior Boys and Corporal Roberts was awarded the Wing Female Sports Cadet of the Year. The amount of awards and achievements was celebrated at open evening in the presence of OC Norfolk and Suffolk Wing, Wing Commander D Miller.

All cadets and staff ended the year with party games, a quiz and fish and chips.

We are all looking forward to two weeks off and starting 2015 with great enthusiasm. Merry Christmas everyone.

Promotion Time


Congratulations to Cadet Hannah Stokes who received her well deserved promotion tonight to Corporal.

To get a promotion to Corporal is a big step in the Air Training Corps and joining the NCO team on any squadron is a huge privilege and milestone in any cadets career.

B&M bag pack


On Friday 21st November Beccles Town Mayor Councillor Caroline Topping opened a new discount super store in Beccles. The Mayor was offered two bag packs which she could give to two organisations of her choice and one of them was 759 Beccles Squadron ATC. We were delighted to take up the offer of a bag pack at the new store to raise funds for the new Squadron Minibus and also to raise awareness of the squadron in the local community.

A group of cadets from the squadron arrived at the store in the morning and packed bags throughout the day and in total we raised £404 towards the getting the new Squadron Minibus sign written.

Wing Cadet Drill Instructors Course


Flight Sergeant T Willis has recently attended the Cadet Drill Instructors Course held by the wing at RAF Barnham. The course offers cadets the opportunity to teach drill to fellow cadets using the correct methods of instruction.

Flight Sergeant Willis said that he would recommend the course to fellow cadets and by completing the course he hopes to be able to return to the squadron and help the cadets to improve on their drill and help work towards the annual drill competition held next summer. Well done on completing the course Flight Sergeant.

Annual Formal Inspection


This evening the squadron welcomed Squadron Leader Ovendon and Flight Lieutenant Castle to perform our annual formal inspection of the building and the squadron. The evening went well and both Squadron Leader Ovendon and Flight Lieutenant Castle were impressed with what the squadron had achieved during the last 12 months and with the plans of what we aim to achieve over the next 12 months.

The AFI is a chance for the squadron to demonstrate what it is capable of but also to perform routine inspections of paperwork, weapons and policies and procedures.

Remembrance Day

09/11/2014 and 11/11/2014

Every year the squadron takes part in a small service and Worlingham Church in the morning then back to the squadron for lunch cooked by members of the Civilian Committee and then in the afternoon the parade through the center of Beccles to St Michael church and then on to the Royal British Legion. This year we added another location, CI Hannah Fryer represented the squadron by laying a wreath at the Loddon War Memorial. It was decided that as we have cadets coming to the squadron from the Loddon area it would be nice to pay our respects. It is hoped next year we may have a small number of cadets attending the service as well.

The morning service went well with CWO Roberts carrying the squadron standard and a small group of cadets from the squadron we joined by other cadets from Beccles at the service lead by Reverend Susie Ellis.

On returning to the squadron Civilian Committee members Val Fryer and Marie Dobson provided the cadets and staff who stayed for both parades a hot lunch of Jacket potato and chilli and biscuits. This is very much appreciated by the cadets and staff at the squadron. Thank you.

The afternoon parade went without a hitch as well and once again CWO Roberts carried the Squadron standard escorted by Cadet Corporal Roberts and Cadet Corporal R Thoppil. Cadet Flight Sergeant Willis Carried the RAFA standard and Cadet  Stokes laid the wreath at the war memorial.

On the 11th of November, Armistice Day, CWO Roberts attended a small ceremony in the centre of Beccles at 11 o'clock. 

If you got a copy of the Beccles and Bungay or the EDP you may have spotted the squadron in the section about Remembrance day and the local parades that took place.

Duke of Edinburgh is complete!


6 cadets form the squadron have recently been working very hard to complete their bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. The have now completed the assessed walk and are busily planning the presentation.

All of the cadets who took part in the walks worked extremely hard and learnt a lot as individuals as well as working in teams.

National Swimming Finals


Two staff at the squadron who dedicate most of their spare time to swimming and teaching people to swim as well as refereeing swimming were asked to attend the ATC National Swimming Finals held at RAFC Cranwell this weekend. WO (ATC) Banham and CI Banham can be found by the swimming pool most evenings dedicating themselves to the sport. This dedication doesn't stop at the door to the squadron, they assess swimming proficiencies for the cadets on a regular basis and if necessary teach cadets to swim.

Regional Swimming


Cadet Stokes, who came home from wing swimming with a gold and silver medal, went along to compete for the wing at region swimming. Unfortunately she did not make the region swimming team but to get this far is a fantastic achievement that she should certainly be very proud of. Well done.

Duke of Edinburgh in the planning


 Tonight the cadets who are doing their Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions this year worked with CI Dave Evans on what to expect on their assessed walk which is the 25/26th of October.

The cadets went through things like finalising food arrangements, cooking and sleeping arrangements. Analyzing their practice expedition to make sure that the assessed one goes as smoothly as possible and also to iron out any problems.

CI Evans, CI Gibson and CI Dennington have worked hard with the cadets to get them to this stage and the cadets have also worked hard with their dedication and commitment. So far so good, keep up the hard work and pass your assessed walk and then there will be move DofE badges to sew onto uniforms.

Sports success


Sunday was a very busy day for two cadets from Beccles Squadron. Cadet Corporal Hannah Roberts and Cadet Sergeant Kieran Dennington travelled to RAF College Cranwell, Lincolnshire for the inter-wing Hockey and Football competition. Both cadets attended the wing trials a few weeks ago now and were both selected to take part in representing Norfolk and Suffolk Wing at the competition. Both cadets will have played other Wings in the Region (Hertfordshire and Bucks, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, Trent, Warwick and Birmingham and South and East Midlands).

Holt Hall Weekend


The weekend of the 3rd to the 5th a group of cadets left the squadron to attend Wing Field Weekend. This is a weekend organised in order to participate in a wide range of activities including raft building. The cadets camped out under canvas and cooked on trangias.

Although the weekend was a bit chilly and wet all the cadets who attended enjoyed themselves and learnt something new. Well done guys!!

So Long, Farewell - 16 years service


Tonight saw the squadron say farewell to the Squadron Padre, Reverend Peter Knight. He has served the Squadron as a Padre for 16 years now and appears to be one of the longest serving padres who has stayed with the same Squadron. He has enrolled hundreds of cadets in his time and many of those are now staff members on the squadron, including CI Ben Sparkes, CI Hannah Fryer and CI Chloe Smithson.

To thank the Padre for all his hard work and dedication over the years a Wing Plaque was bought and engraved especially for Reverend Knight.

We wish him well on his travels and hope that one day he may come back and visit us again.

Wing Swimming


Well done to the group of cadets who represented the squadron at swimming today. There was a lot of hard work put in from all of you in your selected categories and age groups. Some of the cadets who you competed against are club swimmers so you should feel proud of your achievements. Particular mention should go to Cadet H Stokes who swam very well, coming first in her age group for one event and second in another.

Cadet Stokes was therefore selected to go to Region Swimming and represent Norfolk and Suffolk Wing. A huge achievement. Well Done!!

Squadron Bag Pack - Morrisons


The morning after the Presentation Evening the night before the cadets were active and out in the community packing shopping bags for the public in Morrison's. The squadron turn out in Morrison's each year to raise funds for a specific reason and this year was no different, the reason this year being the new squadron minibus. The supermarket asked for a cadet to write a letter to the manager about our day in the store and Cadet H Stokes was asked to do this.

'On behalf of the Air Cadets in Beccles, we would like to thank you for letting us use your store to fundraise for our squadron, and for taking good care us throughout the day. Hopefully, we manged to raise a lot for our mini bus so all the cadets can enjoy every opportunity given, we would like to thank you for giving us the chance for this and helping the squadron.

Not only did the cadets enjoy the fundraising, we also enjoyed all the friendly hospitality given to us by all the staff, they we very nice to socialise with and made the day even better.

We hope we will be doing the same next year and have as much fun as we did this time.

Thanks again for the support and for giving us an opportunity to raise money and help our squadron.'

The final total for this year was £763.32. Well done to all the cadets who helped pack bags this year. Your hard work will go a long way in helping maintain the new squadron minibus.

Annual Presentation Evening


On Friday the cadets and staff from the squadron were joined by OC Norfolk and Suffolk Wing, Wing Commander D Miller, Wing Sector Officer, Squadron Leader N Ovendon, Local Dignitaries and parents and guardians of the cadets for the Annual Presentation Evening.

Over the last 12 months the cadets have worked very hard in all the activities they have taken part in and the effort was shown off on Friday in the form of certificates, medals and trophies.

Two BTEC diplomas in public services were presented to Cadet Coporal Y Thoppil and Cadet Sergeant A Elliott. There were many Squadron and Wing Blues presented for Drill and Sports, Junior and Senior NCO course certificates and Bronze National Navigation Awards.

There were two new additions to the trophy list this year, the first being the re-introduction of the inter-flight trophy and the second being the new Mayoral Cadet Trophy – awarded for fundraising and community work.


Tornado Trophy – The cadet who has joined the squadron in the last twelve months and has shown the most promise and involved themselves in squadron activities.

Awarded to Cadet T Walding


Les Baldry Marksman – The cadet or NCO showing the best application of marksmanship skills during the year.

Awarded to Cadet H Stokes


Warrant Officers Shield – The cadet who has had the best attendance and highest marks for presentation throughout the year.

Awarded to Cadet H Stokes


C.O’s Award – Presented to an individual for an achievement that is a little bit different. The subject or activity is at the C.O’s discretion.

Awarded to Cadet Sergeant K Dennington


The Dextrous Dobson Award – To the person (cadet or staff member) showing the greatest lack of dexterity.

Awarded to Cadet Sergeant K Dennington


The Miller Trophy – For achievement in sport. This is awarded to the cadet or NCO who has promoted, participated, or achieved high recognition in sport throughout the year.

Awarded to Cadet J Sparkes


Cadet of the Year Shield – The cadet who has participated and achieved the most within the Squadron and the ATC.

Awarded to Cadet H Stokes


 The Hart Cup -  The cadet or NCO who has contributed most to the unit in terms of involvement, enthusiasm and progress in ATC activities; both for themselves and the development of the unit.

Awarded to Cadet Warrant Officer J Roberts


The Mayoral Cadet Trophy -  The cadet who has participated in squadron fundraising activities and also community work such as Poppy Collections.

Awarded to Cadet Corporal H Roberts


The Inter-flight Trophy – The flight who, throughout the year, have collected the most points in each activity, course and award they have won.

Awarded to Red Flight


Each of the recipients of these trophies have worked very hard to achieve the certificates, promotions, blues and everything else in the last 12 months.

 Every one of the cadets in attendance is a credit to the squadron and the Air Cadet Organisation as a whole.


Well Done everyone!

Battle of Britain Parade


On Sunday 21st September 11 cadets, WO Banham and the Commanding Officer Flying Officer Dobson took to Worlingham Church, Beccles St Benet's Church and the town center to commemorate the Battle Of Britain.

In the morning the cadets attended a special service held at Worlingham Church by Reverend Susie Ellis. One of the Lessons was read by Cadet Corporal Boyd.

For those cadets who were attending both parades Mr and Mrs Atkins, Mrs Dobson and Mrs Fryer made lunch and served it to those cadets at the squadron. This gave the cadets the chance to iron uniform and polish shoes ready for the afternoon.

In the afternoon the cadets attended another commemoration service held at St Benet's church and lead by Reverand Father Martin Gowman OSB. Here Prime Minister Winston S Churchill's speech "The Finest Hour" was read by Cadet Sergeant Dennington.

Following the service the cadets along with the Sea and Marine Cadets, Scouts and other dignitaries marched through the town center accompanied by the Norwich City Pipe Band.

The parade finished at the Royal British Legion Club where the cadets got the opportunity to talk to Air Vice Marshall Grahame Jones CBE RAF (rtd).

Mention should go to Cadet flight Sergeant Willis for carrying the RAFA Standard and Cadet Corporal R Thoppil for carrying the Squadron standard.

Raft building evening


On Friday 15th August instead of a normal parade night a group of 8 cadets lead by CI Buckingham and CI Sparkes and assisted by CI Fryer took to the water and Bungay Staithe to building a raft.

The cadets were given a certain amount of time to construct their raft before taking it down to the water and paddling it down river to rescue another cadet who had been placed on the shore.

The evening gave the cadets the opportunity to socialise in a different way, work together as a team and also prepare for future activities.

The initial launch wasn't so successful so the team took their vessel off the water and tried again, this time with more success and they set off to rescue the stranded cadet.

CI Sparkes said 'The idea was to get cadets into a different learning environment and to let them enjoy themselves outside of the normal squadron setting. It is the first time we have done this so there area  few things we have learnt for next time but overall everyone had fun and worked very well as a team.'

Flixton RAFA Day


For a number of years now the squadron has been in attendance at the local Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museums annual Royal Air Force Association day.

This is a day where members of the public get to meet veterans of the RAF and talk about experiences, share stories and pass on knowledge. Cadet Sergeant K Dennington, Cadet Corporal H Roberts and Cadets N and J Sparkes took the opportunity in talking to Squadron Leader Frank Leatherdale, DFC and learning all about his experiences as a Navigator in Lancaster Bomber for the Royal Air Force. The cadets learnt a lot and one of the amazing things with this gentleman was that he was part of the Pathfinders. The Pathfinders were target marking squadrons in the RAF Bomber Command during World War II.

2014 Annual Camp, RAF Aldergrove Northern Ireland


Annual camp is an opportunity many cadets will take more than once in their cadet career and this camp was no different for 759 Beccles Squadron apart from Cadet Jessica Sparkes. This is what she said about her time spent at RAF Aldergrove Summer Camp 2014.

'This was my first annual camp and I didn't really know what to expect. My brother went last year and told me a little bit which is why I decided to go this year. There was lots of things to do on the time table which was nice as it was a wide variety of different activities, section visits and social time.

The time we spent at RAF Aldergrove on base was extremely good, the food was good and everyone had something they liked. In the evening we did lots of other activities which included going to the cinema to watch Transformers.

There were two bits I enjoyed in particular, the first was going shopping in Belfast and the second was visiting the dog section. After visiting the dog section everyone appeared to want to become a dog handler.

I would recommend attending an annual camp to every other cadet as it is a brilliant experience and brilliant opportunity to learn more, experience RAF life and make lots of new friends.'

Left to Right: (Back Row) AWO Banham, Cadet Sergeant A Elliott, Cadet Sergeant K Dennington, Cadet Flight Sergeant T Willis, Cadet N Sparkes

(Front Row) Cadet H Stokes, Cadet J Sparkes and CWO J Roberts

The schedule the cadets had for the week was very full, below is a taster of just what they were getting upto:

The 73 cadets were divided up into four flights. Each flight was given a time table of station section visits and activities.

Day 1 – Visit to the Ulster Aviation Society at long Kesh (site of an old RAF Station & the Maize prison)

Day 2 – 5 Army Air Corps, RAF Regiment, Drill

Day 3 – RP Drill, Regional Intelligence & Geographic Centre, RAF Dogs Section, Cinema

Day 4 – Titanic Experience & Belfast city centre for shopping, Swimming & Sports

Day 5 – Police Service of Northern Ireland Air Support Unit, Survival Equipment Section, Fire Section, Drill Competition judged by the, Station Regimental Provost team.

Day 6 – EOD – Bomb Disposal, Leadership Exercises, Inter flight rounders’ Competition.

Throughout the week – a range of activities including daily room inspections, sport, leadership exercises, presentations, quizzes, drill competition and rounders’ all went towards their inter flight challenge.

Wing Adventure Training Week 2014 - Windermere


'Over the week we took part in many activities and I met some great people, staff and cadets.

Sunday, we were split up into three groups doing different activities over the next few days. My group went on a low level mountain walk just outside of Windermere. On this walk I had a go at leading my group. The aim was to help us learn or develop our map reading skills, it also helped us work better as a team. This was good as all of us came from different squadrons throughout the wing and it helped us to get to know one another’s abilities. The walk itself was challenging, we also learnt about safety in the mountains, the countryside code and what to do in an emergency.


On the Monday, we went and did some Kayaking on Coniston water. We started off with the basics of what to do. Then we went onto back paddles, turning and rafting up. Throughout the day it was fairly laid back, enabling us to learn in a calm and fun environment. We were also playing games throughout the day, swimming and learning to seal dive. The day was very good and we all had fun on Monday and said it was one of our best days. 

Tuesday, we went rock climbing. This was probably the most challenging of the days for me as I am not much of a climber and it is not something I have ever been good at. I was worried about how the day would go, but when I got there my group helped and encouraged me. I had three attempts and each time I was slowly getting better. After the climbing we did a bit of abseiling down a section of the rock face. This I particularly enjoyed, as it turns out I prefer to walk backwards down the rock rather than climb up it.


When Wednesday arrived, we were all starting to feel tired, but the groups were changed around and my group started off our two day expedition with a low level walk around the area to the campsite we would be staying at that night. Having a new group meant learning different abilities, but we learnt quickly. The day went well and we walked 12k by the time we got to the campsite. That night we were camping in tents and cooking ration packs on trangiers. This was a new experience for me personally, as I had never tried a ration pack before. But they were surprisingly really nice and I enjoyed the meal. 

On Thursday we finished our expedition by canoeing back. This was interesting as I am not much of a canoeist. But the day went alright, we were in two-man Canadian Canoes and I was sharing with a cadet who knew how to paddle a canoe, so he taught me what to do as well as the instructors. I learnt a lot about how to work with someone else to paddle along smoothly and also how to work together to control the canoe properly. After lunch, we connected all of the canoes up together to build a big raft and paddled back as one, this was good as it enabled cadets and staff to work well together.


Friday morning was spent on the high ropes. This was a good day. It was a good morning out and we all had loads of fun even though it was raining. After that, we got changed and went up to Ambleside to do a bit of shopping and to have a nice relaxing afternoon. 

On the Saturday, we had to pack up and go home. We all had a very good week away, and it was nice to be there as the only one from my squadron as it enabled me to think for myself and make new friends.


I had a good and tiring week away, and the highlight of week was the social aspect of all of the activities. I am hoping to go back again next year as I had such a good time this year.


I would recommend the camp to any cadet. It was physically challenging at times, but the feeling of accomplishment is great and one of the best weeks I have had away as a cadet.'

- Cadet Corporal Hannah Roberts

New Squadron Flags


The squadron has recently purchased two flags which we are hoping will attract some new prospective cadets to come and join the squadron. If you attend any of the events we are attending then you may well see them there alongside our Squadron Gazebo.

The money for the flags has been kindly donated by the civilian committee who help us with all aspects of the squadron.

Drill Competition

20/06/2014 and 04/07/2014.

Each year squadron's from all over the wing take part in drill competitions against each other. Normally there are four area competitions, the winners from each area will then go on and take part in the drill competition to then represent the wing and regional field day, which they compete against the other regions.

This years drill team were lead by CWO Roberts. The team conceded of 14 individuals that took part in this event. Team gave every amount of effort that they had and used it to work as a team to over come problems that they may have had with the sequence they had to learn. CWO Roberts had to learn every command that makes the drill sequence as well. With the cadets all working together and helping each other they made first place at their area competition. This meant that they team had another two weeks to practise and make sure the sequence was at its best. The squadrondrill team came 3rd overall out of four squadrons. This was a big achievement for 759 Beccles Squadron.

CWO Roberts quoted " I am so proud of the amount of effort and time that all the team members have given up to make sure that all the team understood what they had to do. I found it a highlight to my cadet career and one of the best moments. it was a great challenge that I had to over come because of the amount of things I had to learn and think about doing within the amount of time we had. The best feel was knowing that we had got through to the finals. I had a lot of support from Flt Sgt Willis and all he other NCOs."



Jade Roberts has been giving her all to 759 Beccles Squadron for 6 years and tonight achieved her ultimate goal of being promoted to Cadet Warrant Officer. This means that CWO Roberts is now the senior cadet on the squadron.

On receiving her promotion Jade said: 'I had my CWO interview a while ago and was so surprised when my name was called out. I am glad to have received it now as I will now be CWO on Annual Camp this year. I am proud because all of the work I have put into the squadron over the last few months has really paid off and this the perfect icing on my cadet cake!'

7 years in the ATC and this is the list....


The first 6 months of 2014 has seen the squadron say farewell to both Cadet Warrant Officer Hannah Fryer and Cadet Warrant Officer Chloe Smithson. Both cadets spent 7 years with the Air Training Corps and have got extensive lists of activities, camps and courses to show for all their hard work and commitment.

CWO Fryer has achieved:

7 Years in Cadets (5 years with Beccles Squadron)
3 Annual Camps -  Marham, Manston and Brize Norton
3 Overseas Camps – France, Belgium (North Region Music tour) and Gibraltar
Personal Awareness course at the Air Force Chaplaincy Centre at Amport House 
Represented Sqn in – Hockey, Athletics and Swimming
Represented Corps in – Music 21 times i the Air Cadet National Concert Band (NCB) , National Marching Band (NMB) and National Mess Band (NMessB) (2010 NCB x3 , 2011 NCB x3 , 2012  NCB x3, NMB x4 and 2013 NMessB x2 NCB x2, NMB x3, North Region Overseas Tour)
Beccles Mayors Cadet 2013
Dacre Brooch nomination
BTECSin – Aviation Studies, Public Services (Distinction) and Music (Distinction*)
1 Wing Field
Courses – Activity First Aid, Drill, St John's Youth First Aid, Instructional Techniques, JuniorNCO and Senior NCO
Drill Competition
Trophy’s – CO’s Trophy, Dextrous Dobson, Hart Cup
Beginner Swimming Certificate
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh, Mayors Appeal, Duck Race, Bag Packs, Battle of Britain Parades, Remembrance Parades, Poppy Appeals , Bungay Black Dog Car Parking, Western Country Fair, Flixton RAFA Day
15 hours flying
40 mins Gliding
Standard Bearer for RAFA x1 and Squadron x6

CWO Smithson has achieved:

7 years in cadets
5 annual camps – Brize Norton, Manston, Scampton, Halton and Leuchars
4 over seas camps - Gibraltar, Rheindalen, Cyprus, Belgium (Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Trip)
3 adventure training camps - Waxham sands, Sennybridge and Llanbedr
Represented squadron in - 6 aside football, touch rugby, hockey, netball, swimming, athletics and cross country
Represented wing in - swimming and hockey
Represented region in - swimming
Lord lieutenants cadet for Suffolk 2013
BTECS in – Aviation Studies and Public Services (Distinction*)
Top 40 for Duke of Westminster
6 wing fields (team leader 2013, coming 3rd over all and 1st in leadership)
Regional marksman
Courses - Junior and Senior NCO, drill, instructional techniques and first aid
Drill comp (Leading 2013)
Trophy's - Tornado Trophy, Cadet of the year, Alan Martin memorial trophy, Sports Trophy (twice), Les Baldry marksman, Dextrous Dobson, Hart Cup
Beginner, intermediate and advanced swimming certificates
Activities: Carnival clear up, Climbing, Mayors appeal, Bag packs , Battle of Britain parades, Remembrance Parades, Holt hall, Poppy appeal, Bungay black dog marathon parking, race for life, local ex, Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition, Western country fayre,
13 hours flying
85 minutes gliding
Squadron Standard Bearer twice

First Aid Success


The weekend of 31th May and 1st June Adult Warrant Officer Banham along with the help of Civilian Instructors Hannah Fryer, Natasha Dennington, Ben Sparkes and Jo Banham organised and ran a First Aid course for a group of 10 cadets who wanted to obtain a St Johns Youth First Aid Badge or renew their first aid skills.

The weekend was made up of written lessons and videos as well as practical elements where they could put their knowledge to the test in a wide variety of scenarios.

Each of the cadets demonstrated a high level of skills as well as communication and casualty care when dealing with each of their casualties. Particular mention should go to Cadet Nicky Sparkes who demonstrated his ability to keep the casualty calm during each element of the scenario. At the end of the weekend the cadets took a practical assessment where they ahd to demonstrate all the knowledge they had obtained over the weekend and deal with a scenario which started as a conscious casualty and then progressed to unconscious and then tested their skills at CPR.

All cadets successfully passed the assessment and have gained their St Johns Youth First Aid Badge.

Visit to KLM


On the 27th May a group of 7 cadets went to visit KLM airways ........



Congratulations go to the following cadets on their promotions.

Cadet to Corporal:

Corporal Hannah Roberts
Corporal George Boyd
Corporal Yamuna Thoppil
Corporal Raghav Thoppil

Corporal to Sergeant:

Sgt Kieran Dennington

Sergeant to Flight Sergeant:

Flight Sergeant Tom Willis

Getting a promotion is a big step in the ATC and the hard work and dedication put in by all the above cadets makes these promotions well deserved. Keep up all the good work!!

Wing Athletics 2014, Beccles Squadron's success


On Sunday 18th May 9 cadets from 759 Beccles Squadron Air Training Corps travelled to Ipswich to take part in the Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Athletics team.

This activity is an opportunity for the cadets to socialise with other cadets from the area but also to compete against each other to win medals and trophies. Beccles squadron is one of the smaller squadrons that went to compete so that made the medals and trophies won this year look very impressive.

 The 9 cadets competed in a wide range of categories from juniors to seniors and from track to field events. Each of the cadets competes in their age category which makes the competition fairer for each event. Cadet J Sparkes achieved gold for 300m and 1500m, whilst older brother Cadet N Sparkes achieved gold for 1500m and silver in 800m. Cadets H Stokes achieved gold for Long Jump. Cadet R Elmore achieved gold in Long Jump and Cadet A Cahill achieved gold in 300m.

 Cadet Flight Sergeant J Roberts, Corporal H Roberts, Cadet T Walding and Cadet J Burgess all competed as well and the points they achieved went towards the overall marks for the squadron.

 The Junior Boys won the Don Shield and the junior boys and Cadet N Sparkes came second for the Lush cup, which is the overall boys trophy for small squadrons. The girls came 2nd overall in the Lush Plate, which is overall girls trophy for small squadrons.

The final trophy of the day was awarded to Corporal H Roberts for Wing Female Sports cadet of the Year.

Corporal Roberts said ‘I didn’t win any medals, but the competition isn't about that for me, it was about the atmosphere of the stadium while the events were going ahead, everyone got on, everyone was happy and the heat didn't stop anyone supporting each other and having a great day. The day was great, and by final parade all were exhausted, but when my name got called up as I won the Female Sports Cadet of the Year, the exhaustion went and shock took over. It was an overwhelming feeling having that trophy awarded, and it is definitely by best achievement of this cadet year.’

 Commanding Officer Flying Officer Martin Dobson commented ‘I had a good feeling about the day. I had hopes about the Lush Cup and Lush Plate but the other two trophies were a real surprise. I am very please and proud of their achievement, it was a great day for the Squadron. Cadets J&N Sparkes both convincingly won their 1500m races and a mention should also go to Cadet A Cahill for the relay race.’


Touch Rugby Competition

In early May the Squadron took a team of 11 players to the Norfolk and Suffolk wing Touch Rugby Competition. All the preparation which took place before hand paid off and Cadet Flight Sergeant Jade Roberts coached her team to a confident play of matches. Each member of the team played a vital part in the competition whether that was on or off pitch.

The Squadron coach Cadet Flight Sergeant Jade Roberts said: I am so proud of the team as they put everything they had into each game and did everything that I asked of them.  It was the best feeling I have ever had in my cadet career. The way the team worked together and the way each player put a high level of effort in on and off the pitch was fantastic. The morale that all the cadets had was over and beyond what I could have asked for and the support of the staff that took and brought back the cadets, it is very much appreciated.

Wing Field Weekend


The Wing Field Weekend was a huge success for 759 Beccles Squadron. The team captain for 2014 was Cadet Sergeant Tom Willis who made sure that the team worked as well as possible throughout the whole weekend and that they maintained the same level of commitment. Cadet Sergeant Tom Willis said 'The team worked extremely well together in the many different exercises and competed to the best of their abilities. The weekend started with a roaring success in the river crossing exercise where we completed our sections race in the fastest time however we ended up coming fourth overall it was still a good effort from all the team.

Later that day the team completed the orienteering exercise with plenty of time to spare, however two of our team did get slightly lost. A search party was sent out after a few hours of them being reported missing. This meant that we were penalised at the Air Craft Recognition for missing some of the team. They were found safe and sound close to the A11. It is now a joke that they were trying to find civilization. Cadet Corporal Dennington and Cadet Walding were commended for their initiative; they knew cars meant people and people meant help!!

The rest of the weekend was trouble free and we finished 9th overall even with the penalties from orienteering and Air Craft Recognition.'

Cross Country


This Sunday the sibling team of Cadets Nicky and Jessica Sparkes braved the cold weather and put on their running shoes for the wing cross country.

Both Cadets run for a local club outside of the Air Cadets so were perfectly suited to represent the squadron. Both ran extremely well and both came first in their respective categories. 

Cadets who finished in the top four places were selected to compete at the inter-wing Cross Country Championships at RAF Cranwell on the 9th of March 2014.

Well done to both cadets for doing so well.

Cadet Jessica Sparkes on the podium. 

Cadet Nicky Sparkes on the podium.

First Flights

During the last few months several cadets on the squadron have taken their first flight in the Grob Tutor Air Craft used for flying training in the ATC. Here is what those cadets had to say:

"Prior to my first flight I was nervous just wondering about everything because like most people I had previously only flown on commercial planes but all the nerves turned into excitement when I was getting ready in all the kit. On the plane the pilot was really friendly and he told me what we were going to do and when we were in the air he would demonstrate the manoeuvre to me then I would repeat it. When we finished the basics we went into aerobatics which in my opinion was the best part and I loved every minute. I would recommend this to everyone it is an unforgettable experience. Amazing!!" - Cadet Jessica Sparkes

"My first flight was an amazing experience and I am glad I went.Before we went flying I was nervous but excited, especially when we were learning how to jump from the aircraft in an emergency. When we got into all the flying gear I was very excited but still nervous.

We got up in the air and the pilot talked about how the aircraft worked and then he showed the turns. Also I was shown G-Force and negative G-Force; we did some steep turns as well.
I am so happy that I got the chance to go flying and I would definitely recommend it to everyone." - Cadet Hannah Stokes

"My first flight was the most amazing experience of my life so far. It was brilliant; everybody was so friendly and supportive as I was nervous beforehand. Once we got in the aircraft the pilot checked I was alright and we set off. He showed me what all the controls were and then he did some moves and then let me try them as well. My pilot asked if I wanted to do some aerobatics, which I did, and he told me to follow through his actions, we did a wing over and a loop-the-loop then he let me have a go. When we landed I got to have a look round some aircraft that we under maintenance. It was one of the best days of my life." - Cadet Nicky Sparkes

"I was scared and excited and I was walked to the plane. I met the pilot got strapped in and was ready to go. I was wearing the microphone, and I talked to the pilot for a while and then he asked for permission to taxi to the runway and we were off. Just before we took off, the pilot made some final checks and asked the control tower whether or not he was clear for takeoff. Then, the engine roared and we sped up down the runway. It felt so strange to take off in such a small plane. While we were taking off he told me about some of the controls and I asked about a few of them. Once we had gained full height, we started to do aerobatics. First we did some loop the loops, which felt utterly amazing and we were experiencing G-forces of up to 4Gs. After a couple of loops we did some barrel rolls, which were also very exciting! And then finally we did a stall turn which was probably my favourite! It was simply amazing. I even got the chance to fly the aircraft myself." - Cadet Xavier Clarke


Flying is an opportunity which is open to any of the cadets on the squadron and all have similar stories to these four about the amazing experience. Cadets who join the squadron are given the experience to learn to fly a plane before they can drive a car.