BTEC in Public services and Music

The squadron offers each cadet once they reach 16 the opportunity to study towards the recognised qualification offered by CVQO for a BTEC. Many of the cadets who undertake the study achieve a high level pass.

BTEC a widely recognised qualification - more than 4,000 cadets have registered for the First Diploma in Public Services and over 6,000 have signed up for the First Diploma in Aviation Studies. There's also the increasingly popular First Diploma in Performing Arts (Music).

The BTEC in Public Services allows each cadet to explore the various elements of public services including military organisations as well as the emergency services. Each section in the workbooks relate to a specific chapter in the resource book so the answers are in order for the cadets to find.

The squadron runs frequent BTEC evenings or weekends where cadets can come in and focus entirely on their BTEC.